Thursday, May 31, 2007


That's right. We got a car. How adult are we? Very is the answer. Very adult.

So my jet setting May is finally done and I get a few weeks of recovery to prepare for the big NYC trip at the end of June. I'll do a quick re-cap.

Philly - Thought I would be bored but I loved it! Beautiful buildings, nice people, delicious beer. This is the only picture I think I have of Philly sadly. Oh no wait! I have more. Please hold (Rainy Days and Mondays Muzak version plays)......okay found them!

So this is a cool old graveyard.

This is my favorite Philly pic. It's a cool bunch of buildings in the South Street hood.
Okay on to Dallas.
Dallas was the friendliest but hardest to get around and hardest to find a sundries stores ala CVS/Walgreen's/Target.
The Book Depository was for sure the high light. That and a bar called Lee Harvey's. I don't feel like uploading those pictures. It was fun though.
L.A.! Loved it but never need to live there unless I'm crazy rich.
The highlights were seeing my BFF, Andrea and meeting her co-stars from the play she's in. Fat Pig was the play and it was wonderful. Scott Wolf was in it and we hung out all night! He AND his wife (from the New Orleans Real World) and Chris Pine (Just My Luck/Smokin Aces) and the rest of the crowd were all so smart and sweet and fun. I had the time of my life. And so did Tracey the cat. I'm thinking about starting a blog just for her but you can see some of her pics here.
Oh great. My pictures aren't posting all of a sudden. Now you don't believe me do you. I will try again later. But I swears I met Scott Wolf. Ask him.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


So today is Jason's last day at his current job. The hours were insane and we never saw each other and all of a sudden a new oppotunity and career path opened up to him so he took it. He's nervous and we still need to get a car (it's a wine sales job so a car is a must) BUT I think he's excited too even if he won't admit it.

Selfishly I'm excited because I get to have him around again during the week AND on weekends!!! I can't remember the last time we had our weekends off together.

He has 13 days off starting tomorrow. I'll be missing a lot of those due to my crazy jet setting life style this month but it's going to be so cool to come back from L.A. and have him HOME on a Saturday night!

This post is kind of boring but I just wanted to say way to go Jason on trying something new and knowing when something old isn't working. Change is always weird and nerve wracking but mostly it's exciting and new. Like the Love Boat. (hahahah I typed "Love Bat" the first THAT would be some good television)

*That picture is of Jason in his work clothes trying to get in a quick song or two on Guitar Hero. His cab was literally waiting outside when I took the pic.*

Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm it.

I think this is called a meme which I say like this: meah meah. Anyway I have to do it.

A. Available or Single? No. That question is confused and I'm married.

B. Best Friend? Jason and Freddy and the Katzfey's

C. Cake or Pie? I don't really like either. I know I know I just don't. I like angel food cake every now and then. but not that much.

D. Drink of Choice? iced tea or chardonnay

E. Essential Item? Tide Stain Sticks and my insurance card

F. Favorite Color? Orange

G. Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms.

H. Hometown? Stevens Point, Wisconsin

I. Indulgence? everything

J. January or February? February just because it's closer to spring

K. Kids? not yet but I want one soonish!

L. Life is incomplete without - hysterical laughing

M. Marriage Date? Jason was my date to my marriage.

N. Number of siblings? 2 older sisters

O. Oranges or apples? Oranges because they smell awesome

P. Phobias/Fears? frogs and toads. *SHIVER!!!*

Q. Favorite quote? "Waiter! That mustachioed gentleman is eating my soup!" Jason said that out of the blue to no one in particular the other morning and now it's our new favorite quote because it makes no sense in any universe.

R. Reasons to smile? Guitar Hero and Jason and seeing my family this weekend and my sister's new hot tub and I get to leave at 11 today and have Monday off!

S. Season? I love them all but fall is my favorite

T. Tag Three. TAG - Let's play four square instead

U. Unknown fact about me - I have to hold a piece of my hair to fall asleep. I mean while it's still on my head. It's not like I have a bag of hair that I cuddle with.

V. Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? recovered vegetarian

W. Worst habits - relaxing too much

X. X Rays or Ultrasound? I've had tons of both. I glow in the dark.

Y. Your Favorite Food- spaghetti...I miss the days of eating giant bowls of noodles....sigh.

Z. Zodiac- Libra

Now that THAT'S over with I think my favorite moment of the spring happened last night. Jason and I had Matt and King over for some Guitar Hero and while I was jamming on a song I'd never heard of King said to Jason "Crescent is really good at Guitar Hero. I was not expecting that."