Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I HATE Vacations on the Beach!

Just kidding. We had a magical time and I wish I were back there in our fancy room drinking fancy wine and looking at the fancy ocean right now.

I have a tan for once so that's kind of cool in a pre-cancerous kind of way.

It's starting to itch. Are tans supposed to itch? Mine does. Or maybe that's just work.

Here are few pics.

Oh swell. It's not letting me add more pictures. What is that about? I'll fix YOU blog!!!!
Fix you good!

GD~!!!!! Something is wrong with my compy. Stay tuned for pics tomorrow.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Beach Beach Beach Beach

That's all I can think of. We leave tomorrow afternoon. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That's all I can say. I'm just so looking forward to tanning my fat areas to make them look thinner. I kid, I kid. "If you can't lose it, tan it." Hahahahha. Some lady at work told me they used to say that in the 80's a lot. I don't know if that's true but it cracks me up. Sadly since I am so fair skinned and prone to ER worthy sunburns I am going armed with two bottles of sunblock.

All I have left to do is pack, which should be colorful since I'm taking pretty much every clothing item I have just in case.

We have our company summer party today starting at noon so my vacation officially begins then. It's whirlyball again. Sooo much fun but I've got to be careful. Jason will kill me if I'm on crutches for this vacation.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yur A Peein' Zombies!!!

This is a short nightmare post. I dreamed that I was sitting on my couch working on some writing (yeah right) and I heard a water running noise coming from the other room. I went in there and a freakishly tall zombie was peeing BLOOD on my wall!!!!!! What do you say about THAT??? BUT it turns out that some big publisher or something saw it happening and realized it was in my dream and said he would pay me "upwards of 1 million dollars" for the idea. I don't think I really know what upwards means in that context but I pretended I did.

I've been reading a bunch of stuff on Italian horror movies even though I will NEVER EVER see any of them because of the gore, but for some reason I like to read up on stuff like that. Movie reviews and all that. Anyway, I'm sure that's why I had that dream. I woke up to every hair on my head standing up though, I'll tell you that much.

PS - This is a day of wonder and magic. I just realized that this is the first post I've ever had an error free spell check run on. Usually I have upwards of about 50 mispellings before I post but not today!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Shoot, I Score.

About a year or so ago I dropped a cashew down my cleavage and told EVERYONE because I thought it was so funny. Well it's not so funny anymore. Today I dropped one in there for the sixth time in about 5 months and said aloud to myself "OH for GOD'S SAKE Crescent!" (I sounded just like my mother too by the way, she said those words a lot as you can imagine).

Seriously though, that seems excessive. I don't drop any other nuts or berries or food stuffs down there. Just cashews. And as I eat them I can almost FEEL it happen before it does and it's like some crazy nuthin but net shot every time. Whoosh....right down the middle without even hitting the sides. Then I have to dig around in there and shake my shirt while hunched under my desk, hiding my nutty shame. The ironic thing is I can't make a basket, putt a golf ball into a hole, shoot pool or really make ANY kind of item in target EVER! But apparently I'm the Michael Jordan of cashew cleavage ball.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm A Damn Whippet.

I don't even get this but I do know I'm way behind on the game. I guess you guys can go in and answer questions about me and my daemon thing might change. Help me be a tiger or something cool, please. I don't wanna be a whippet. *sniff*

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

So glad we got to have such a fun night! I have amazing friends and you are certainly one of the best. This video is for you.....and eventually Elizabeth too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I get to go HERE!!!!

Good Lord. I can hardly keep my head on straight. So, Jason has been invited to this majestic resort in Laguna, CA (winks at Hixx....you know how extra excited I am, don't you dollface). He's going to be doing some training for a wine bar at this hotel and they are paying for BOTH of us to come out there for FOUR days!!!!!!!!! We have never been on a vacation together besides our honeymoon in Door County, WI (which was lovely, don't get me wrong) so this is truly the coolest news ever. We are both losing our minds with excitment. My plan between now and then is to stop eating and try to tan my Powder white legs. Oh and I need a swimming suit. And a couple sun dresses. And some shoes.
I am the luckiest girl in the land!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007


I don't know how this whole business started but this is today's office flashback video winner. Eva's pick. Try not to groove and jam. I am thinking of changing my middle name to 70's soft rock. Legally. It just feels oh so right.

I'll tell you what, David Pack has some flipping PIPES on him! He sings about "a wife" and what not but this album cover might tell a different story. Or maybe the bass player just had a few shooters before this photo shoot. I get huggy after shooters too.

I bet all their hair smells like Agree Shampoo. Sighhh.

Make a wish baby....