Thursday, October 18, 2007

Para Mateo

My dear friend, Matt, has been on my case about blogging more. I swear I'm trying! This GD job of mine. They want me to.....get my work all day. Whatever.

Here are a few tidbits.

I'm still on the hunt for a new gig that involves a ton less numbers. However, I've started a game with myself where everytime I go to type in a number I associate an age with it.

"82. The age I'll be when I finally find a job I love."

"18. The age when I thought things were really hard. HA!!!!! Stupid 18 year olds."

"26. The age I realized people weren't going to show up at my door with money and fames. Yes fames. I coined it just now and it's sticking."

Anyway, that's passing the time.

I'm going to Wisconsin AGAIN this weekend with Fred and Jason to see Jason's family and surprise his little brother at a show in which his band is playing.....phewwww.....that was a hard sentence to construct. You can tell I've been immersed in numbertown lately.

OH! My birthday was grand as usual. Had a wonderful time with my family and got to pick out a brand new bed set for our brand new bed!!!!

BEHOLD THE BEDROOM FIT FOR ADULTS! (bathing cat not included)
Also, I would like to pay my public respects to Sylvie the cat. You never told anyone that I snuck you a little bite of cheese every time I cat sat and that made us friends. You were very loved by Matt and Anne and even though you tried to eat part of Jason's arm that one time he still loved you too. I wish I had a picture of you to post but we will all remember how pretty you were.

Finally, Jason is the most fun person to be married to ever. I have been so stressed out and weird lately but he makes me laugh every single day and keeps his material fresh. FRESH! If that's ALL I had going for me I would still be one of the luckiest people on the planet. Thank you to him for being the best.

Whoa. The end of this post makes it seem like I'm offing myself or going into hiding. I'm not. Just doing a little stock taking. It's good for the perspectives.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Month of Crescent Begins.

I spent my Saturday recording some kick ass back up vocals for a band/artist I used to perform with. I gotta tell you it felt so good. I didn't realize how much I missed singing and how fun it is. I always talk about how I can't do anything with my degree but I seem to forget that the majority of my life was spent in vocal performance training. Why did I stop doing that? I have no idea. But I'm looking for some opportunities to do some more. Not necessarily as a career but just to keep me sane.

In other news I'm going home for my birthday this weekend with Jason and I can't wait. I mean that. I honestly am having a hard time not just packing up and leaving this second. I usually weasel out a way to celebrate my birthday about 10 different times during the month of October so needless to say I'm feeling pretty excited about it being the 1st today. Plus I'll be 33 and that feels like a cool age. faithful blog readers will remember that 3 is one of my favorite numbers so 33 seems like a good omen...knock on wood. (I knocked on paper because there is no wood here at work. Paper used to be wood though so I should be covered.)

I dreamed I got orange and red sheets as a present. They were pretty awesome but flannel. I hate flannel sheets.

I think I need more calcium. I have white spots on my thumb nails. Doesn't that mean I need calcium?

My weekend was really great. Lots of time laughing hysterically and playing Wii and GH and then the aforementioned singing.

Still looking for a new job. Glad I have one in the meantime. I think.