Monday, July 26, 2010

I am starting to look like Zac Effron and loving it.

It's true. I have total Zac Effron hair right now. I'll take it. I don't have his dreamy blue locker room eyes, sadly.

Radiation is over. I feel great besides a shoulder tendon pull from laying in that radiation bed for 6 weeks. Nothing major.

We leave for Denver on Friday. Just three days but it will be very fun. Our trip to Hayward with my sister and brother in law was epic and wonderful. Jason and I both cried on our first boat ride. For me they were relief tears. For him they were "I'm scared I will feel this worried forever." tears. Both healthy and normal I think. Once that was done we just had nothing but fun.

I guess I should talk about my feelings....hmmmm

I feel odd. Good. Changed. Ready for something very new. So happy with Jason it almost hurts but doesn't. 17 pounds lighter, literally. 300 pounds lighter figuratively. I'm starting to forget the physical pain and chemo/surgery feelings which is good. I'll never forget they were there but they aren't on my surface all the time anymore.

Mostly I'm just really excited about the upcoming Disney Special Musical presentation I'm currently shooting called "High School Musical 46! We Failed Math and are Being Held Back!" It's got some great jams in it and my real life girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, and I might break up! Tune in to see.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Life Lessons on the 50 Damen bus

I was riding the bus to Rush Medical today for radiation and was feeling heavily brained. What's next? How do I get to a point where I love what I do? When will I start doing what I love? Etc.

RIGHT as I was thinking this I looked out the window and saw some graffiti that said, "try harder". Deal. That makes sense.

About 3 miles later I looked out again and on a garage it said "forgive yourself".

Double deal.


PS - my leftness hurts.