Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More pics and an announcment

No not that.

So the Movie Dare Experience is still on. We've been crazy busy but I'm hoping that Jason and Matt can attend BHC sometime this weekend. Then I have been dared to see HS3 (shudder). Then Fred is lined up to see Bolt. So don't lose faith. I just promised the boys that the BHC review could be first to get the ball rolling.

more weekend pics.

Ladies day. the boys golfed and we played in pillows. How cliche'.
Cutest besties ever.
Me and Natalia. Owwww......my insides ache from her baby-ness.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oooo baby do you know what that's worth?

My Michigan weekend was heaven on earth. You heard me. I just made a Belinda Carlisle bit on my blog. That's just something you have to live with.

Perfect weekend. Pictures to prove it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rudd, Rudd, RUDD!

All Rudd....all the time. Holy crap everyone. He is like 1000 times more handsome in person and about a trillion times more charming. Totally all I ever dreamed he'd be.

The following exchange took place. I just copied this from an email exchange I had with Matt to save time. It's a busy day.

I asked how it was working with the kids and if they were ballbusters
or sweet and he said they were great and went into how since it's such
an adult movie that they had to shoot some of the scenes with the kids
without the kids in the room and like how there was all this legal
stuff and child services and stuff to protect the kids because it's a
really adult movie in most ways and then he said that sometimes they
would be improvising and forget the kids were there and like totally
swear and then they would get in trouble and he goes "because I guess we like...."
and then at the same time we both said "broke some laws" and he
totally laughed and I almost died.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I forgot to mention that Jason has recruited Matthew K. to attend the movie and also be interviewed.

Please forgive this error.

The Brighter Side

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thirty FOUR the love of God.

I'm finally 34. Excitement!

It's been a great birthday week so far. Lots of friends and drinks and food and fun. Tonight is Project Runway and pizza. Friday is a day off for cleaning our apartment in prep for my family arriving on Saturday and Saturday is for that. My family. I'm very excited.

This year I plan to:
enjoy myself some more.
try to lose the rest of this weight
and other things.

How's THAT for a to do list? Just the way I like it. Vague and open for change. Just like me.

In other news my advice blog didn't really take. Only one person needed my help so for now I'm holding off on that. BUT stay tuned for a new feature called....


The first edition will be next week. I dared Jason to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua and he accepted. He will pay for a better movie so they don't get our money but will be watching BHC and reporting back to me.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Things that are only funny to me probably.

Time: 10pm last night.
Place: bed

Jason: Whoa it's dark in here.
Jason: Crescent! You're yelling! (laughing)
Jason: (laughing) Crescent Crescent. You are shouting.
Crescent: okay...well I'm going to sleep anyway.
Jason: Okay goodnight then.
Crescent: GOOD NIGHT!

Then an eblow fight ensued which Jason won when I gave in due to him charlie horsing my back.

Time: Today
Place: the internet

FRED: that noseberry picture is quite great
like actually artistically great

Crescent: Gena took it
i love it

FRED: hahahaha
that night was nuts
How was gena even there?
I dont remember her being there

Crescent: maybe I just had the nose in my purshe

FRED: purshe

Crescent: It’s funny cuz you can hear me saying it that way.


Crescent: ah! that man stole my purshe!

FRED: its like how people say Porshe differently

Crescent: hhahahahaha

FRED: Por SHAH, Porsh, Por Shay

PUR shay

Crescent: hahahahhaha

FRED: i hate when my spelling inadvertantly causes another joke when I was killing with the original joke

Crescent: but look on the bright side
it usually leads to a whole new joke
Our Shay
sounds like a catholic school
Our Shay of the bloody christ

FRED: Our Shay Lounger is better than the average Chez Lounger
even tho its HALF the price!
Don't tell anyone!

Crescent: hahahahahhahaha
don't tell anyone

FRED: like I'm hiding a CZ instead of a diamond

Crescent: hahahahahahhaah

FRED: Shay or Chez? can you even tell?
I didn't think so
We use only the finest furniture sweatshops in Burma which use only the healthiest orphans to make our fine Shay Loungers

Crescent: hahahahahahahahahah

FRED: why Shay loungers is funny to me right now is so stupidly beyond me
I mean...who but us expand on a bad spelling joke like this?
in my head the shay vs chez lounger sketch just saved Saturday Night Live from cancellation and spawned our movie careers.
How effing Shay is that?