Monday, April 30, 2007

Olivia Newton-John and I talked last night....

in my dreams! Literally in my dreams, not like " your DREAMS Crescent you liar!!!". We've been a little obsessed with her lately at work after three of us in my dept. discovered we were all die hard fans of hers as children. Joe said that he spent a majority of his youth convinced that he and O.N.J. would someday be wed. Eva went through a very long and serious head band phase after seeing the Physical video and I used to force my mom to call me Sandy OR Olivia while I paraded around the house in a short sleeved black leotard that I would alternate the sleeve position on to indicate whether I was "good Sandy" or "bad Sandy". Every time I lowered the shoulders down a few inches I would announce the arrival of Bad Sandy by yelling "Tell me about it....STUD!".

Anyway, we've been listening to (and singing) Make a Move On Me and Magic via YouTube over and over and over. It keeps us sane and drives our non-fan co-workers into early departures and extra coffee breaks.

So, last night, I dreamed that I got to have a nice little sit down with a Xanadu era Ms. Newton-J. She was all fadey and soft looking like when they put Vaseline on lenses to make the elderly women on Dynasty look like 20 year olds.

I started the convo with "You know I recently watched Grease again and that was actually a really sucky movie." She agreed. Don't get me wrong...that was DREAM me. REAL me thinks Grease is NON-sucky and kept me company during my single digit years.

I don't remember much else except that she was really nice and seemed to like me even though I dogged on Grease. I do remember having the "talk" about the sad decline into stupidity that is John Travolta and how I loved him as much as I loved her until he decided to love on Zenu....or Xenu...whatever that fake alien thing is that L. Ron talked people into paying for or something.

My point of this post is this. I have also been experiencing some light to moderate baby fever these days and started going through my baby name list that I've known for years. My number one girl name is Olivia. Funny thing is, until this Newton-John resurrection this past month I didn't even put it together that I probably love that name because of her.


In conclusion, here is a video I wish I'd made. It actually made me tear up a little. Again, I say, typical.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Otter Watch This.

this, for some reason, restores my faith in the world. Not that I didn't have any before but's just sooooooooo precious!!! I can't take it.


Jason and I and some friends were out getting overserved last Thursday night. We were walking from bowling to some bar or another when Jason and I decided to have a chase, throw things, kick fight. I was laughing too hard for most of it to be any kind of worthy foe to him, but I did get to utilize the entire box of dental floss that was in my bag. It was quite beautiful actually. Kind of like ribbon dancing only smaller. I forgot all about it until I was walking down Lincoln on Saturday and saw the carnage of our floss war.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I love notes.

This is a pic of my notes collection. It's more of a triad than a collection but it's going to grow into something magical, I just know it. My co-worker Joe always wants to go for coffee towards the end of the day so a group of us usually make a Starbucks run around 3:00. One day we totally spaced and forgot to tell him. When I got back to my desk there was a note on my chair that said "You went to Starbucks? I'm hurt. Sadly (then sadly is crossed out), Sadly, Joe." It's become our favorite joke over in my area. At least once a day one of us says..."Sadly....(then we make a cross out noise) Sadly, Joe." It's so not funny to the outside world but man it kills me still.
So then yesterday I sent Joe some pictures I had taken of a booth layout at a tradeshow for some graphics stuff he's doing and the photos were horrible due to my crap camera (Jason found it in a cab 3 years ago so what do I expect?). Joe was laughing hystercially and I told him not to hurt my feelings (jokingly) then I went for coffee without him. When I got back a napkin was on my chair "Crescent, I'm sorry about my photo comments. Sorry, (crossed out) Sorry, Joe."
I love office antics and private jokes. Even though I just made this one sort of public.
PS - The yellow note says "I am the last can standing". It was on a can of LaCroix water a few months ago and it cracked me up. I have a weak constitution for puns and word play.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

camera phone.

I'm super crazy busy at work these days but here are some pics to hold you over. You being Matt. Hi Matt!
Here's me with my Hot Fuzz advance screening ticket. That movie was one of the funniest I've seen EVER! Take THAT!

Fred and Douglas. Making their Mii faces.

my messy cube at work and what looks like a floaaaaating basket!!!!! I've cleaned since then.

crap. time for more work. more pics tomorrow maybe.