Friday, June 26, 2009

Ain't Nuthin A'Gona Break'a'my'a'Stride

You KNOW I'm rocking a good attitude when in one day I was given a chair on the train because the man thought I was pregnant AND 30 minutes later was called "sir" on the phone by a hotel worker and I still feel like I had a pretty good day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Back from my work trip to Indy. It was overwhelming but great. I was thrilled to be back in our air conditioned apartment with Jason and Calaban and the giant tv last night though. I haven't much time (haven't makes it sound's not...just felt like some fancy talk) but I'll forget this if I don't get it down.

Last night's convo before sleep.

Jason: Should we just let the cat in so that we can feel the a/c?
Me: No. (jason stands there with the door open and stares at me) No Jason. (stares) NO! He will keep us up all night. We just need a stand up fan and we'll be fine.
Jason: the fan will be like "What's the DEAL with air conditioners?"

Then we couldn't stop laughing for about ten minutes. It's good to be home. Even though our room smells like hot weather and hard times.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Night Terror.

I was having a nightmare about Edie Falco and whispering and a card board cut out that turned out to be a dead body and I woke up totally creeped out. I'm finally shaking it off and starting to fall back asleep when creeptown, nighttime, totally asleep Jason WHISPERS my name!


God! It was so freaky. So then I get up to walk it off and get some milk and when I come back he's awake. I told him that he whispered my name RIGHT after I had a nightmare and what does he say?

"maybe it wasn't me."

Thank you very little, Jason.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ooo Oooo Ooooo oooo oooooo...I got a new attitude!

Look! I have a VIEW! A VIEW!!!!!! I love it here so far. It's hard work but great people and a wonderful environment. I feel like a new woman honestly. 20lbs lighter (20 to go), working for a living, a plan for grad school, and MONEY COMING MY WAY AGAIN! It's just the best. I haven't felt this happy in awhile.

Now that I have a LAPTOP I can blog more now again. (weird sentence)

My eldest seester and her hus and her son are coming up for Ribfest this weekend so it will be a great visit in the yard with bbq and beers and a festival right up the street. I can't wait. I do wish I had some kind of powers that made my apartment know other than my power to clean it. I mean like hands free powers....blink and it's done powers.....Susan Pow-ters, I hear she needs the work. (Ohhhhhhh snap! Take that The 90's!)