Monday, February 26, 2007

It's My Turn....Though I Don't Have All The Answers....

Sigh. I need to purchase Mahogany. That movie really does it for me. Or at least the soundtrack.

So today feels oddly important to me. First off, it's the last night of Impress These Apes and even though I'm probably going to remain in last place I have learned so much and really have had a fun time. I needed to get back on stage a little. It fills something up inside me that normally is empty.

I'm going into tonight relaxed and happy with my final act. It will be a good night I think.

Also, I just had my annual review and talked very openly with my boss about moving forward as a writer here. He was so supportive and really shook off some of my hesitation about just diving in and moving forward.

AND I've finally started my exercise routine again and have lost 4 more lbs. I'm ready to kick that in the ass too. I'm not going into this summer feeling horrible about myself. No way. I'm done with that.

All of these things together and separate have created this perfect storm of motivation and confidence that I really haven't ever had. I tend to be a little too meek and mild for my own good when it comes to changing my life. I'll do it, but the no guarantee thing always makes me nervous in the service. But honestly...I feel like I'm outgrowing that need for certainty. I think I'm ready to just get stuff done and not hold myself back so much.

This very well may be the lamest post ever. Sorry. I just needed to get that all out somewhere.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Jason!

(this picture is from two Christmas's ago at my parents when Jason put on all his gifts at once and my mom still talks about how funny that was to her.)

Happy Valentine's Day to my husbo, Jason. What a crazy time we've had so far. You make me laugh harder than anyone ever has and even though I sometimes say I don't like it when you say my name over and over and over and over and over....I secretly do. Plus, I meant it when I said you have the same butt since college.

(singing R&B style) You are my mean the world to're the only thing that matters.....matters to me....OH baby baby baby bayyybayyy.....
(end singing)
I love you so so soooo much dude,
Crescent Tay

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snowbody Knows....

You's not the snow of a blizzard that is the's the drifting. I love snow storms, but only if I can home and warm and dry. As it stands I'm at work and chilled and my pant legs are wet.

BUT no one is here but my favorite co-workers so we are enjoying our warm office and having kind of a fun work day.

I hate this blog entry right now. I'm trying to force myself to say something here because it's been so long since I updated it but I'm dry. ('cept for my pant legs)

OH! Here's a small something.

I had a dream last night that someone broke my wrist on purpose. It was so real and awful and hurt so much. THEN later in that dream I was marrying my old college boyfriend (yarg! (that's not his name...that's the feeling he gives me)). Anyway, he was nicer in the dream but was trying to get me to be more responsible. We had lots of money in the dream so I wasn't working and just sat around most of the time. As he was lecturing me he was taking me around the house and itemizing everything that I'd, electronics, candles and stuff. Then he realized that everything was from the library! Everything had that library card and stamp thing that shows it's checked out. I opened my shirt and it was on my stomach too! I was from the library! What the hell does that mean?????

I'll ask my mom. Maybe I'm just feeling a little checked out these days or something although I don't think I am actually. I'm doing a lot and feeling pretty ambitious. So who knows.

I think it would be sooo funny if I did have an ex-boyfriend named Yarg. I would tell everyone and we would laugh.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Sleep Numbers

Jason got home really late from work last night and came right to bed. The conversations we have as we are falling asleep are so funny to me and some of my favorite moments of my day.
Last night went like this:

Jason: Dude...I had a really great time with you the past two nights (his nights off of work).
Me: Me too was lovely.
Jason: I'm scared I'm not tired. I need Mr. Monster in here. (that's what he calls one of our cats) Oh Mr. MONSTER.....Come in here dude......(cat comes in and of course sits on MY shoulder with his butt towards my face and his tail hitting me in the mouth every two seconds.)
Me: Jason...this isn't comfortable.
Jason: But he loves you! Listen to how hard he's purring!
(I roll over and the cat leaves)
Jason: Way to go!
Me: I'm sorry but my back gets sore sleeping on this stupid futon enough without an 800 pound cat on me too.
Jason: My sleep number is four. (except he likes to say that word "fewor" for some reason. it cracks him up.)
Me: We don't have sleep numbers J.
Jason: My sleep number is feworty fewor.
Me: If we ever end up on a game show where they seperate us and then ask what the other person's favorite number is we will totally win because I KNOW yours with be 44.
Jason: Or fewor.
Me: We'd better decide now.
Jason: Just fewor I think. What is your favorite number?
Me: Eight.
Jason: WHAT???! No way.
Me: Yes..that is my favorite number.
Jason: I know why.
Me: Why?
Jason: Because it goes around and around and around and around.
Me: That's right. And 3 is my second favorite number because it's half of that.


Jason: I don't even know you anymewor.