Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday Morning at The Prah's.

Sunday. 7 am. I am in a deep deep sleep, for once.

Jason: Crescent. Crescent. Crescent. Crescent.
Crescent: Dude! What?? What's wrong??? I was crashed out!
Jason: I had a dream that Cee Lo came into the restaurant and had his whole crew with him.
Crescent: ....
Jason: OH and he had some dogs and got to play with them.
Crescent: That's great, hon.
Jason: Yeah. It really was. Those dogs were so cute!
Crescent: Awesome.
Crescent: I had a dream that I was running from some spies trying to do undercover work for my boss and I got shot in the butt with a tranq dart.
Jason: Whoa.
Crescent: Yeah.
Crescent: Hey you haven't said anything about my pumpkin I carved.
Jason: I know.
Crescent: Don't you like it?
Crescent: Mention it!
Jason: it's the white elephant in the room, isn't it.
Crescent: you mean purple.
Jason: it's the 30 pound gorilla in the room.
(we both bust out laughing because he is picturing a tiny gorilla and I'm picturing a very tall skinny ill gorilla)


Jason: I think it's funny you got shot with a tranquilizer dart in your butt.
Crescent: It was awful. While you were busy dreaming of puppies and Cee Lo I was taking darts for America.
Jason: (in low voice) You've got a f*&%^in dart in your neck.
Crescent: (in low voice) What? You're crazy. I like you but...you're...you're crazy.

then we just kept quoting Old School until we fell back to sleep.