Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clip show

My posts from a year ago. I always imagined reading them a year from now so I just did.

You don't have to read them. I'm just putting this here so next year when I come back I'll see THIS post and remember how good I feel today. And then look at LAST year's posts and remember how crappy I felt sometimes and then in two years from now hopefully I'll look back at the past two years and be like "oh man...that was before I was totally rich and my family was all really happy and healthy and Jason and I wore shoes of gold and ate diamond noodles and took everyone we love to a private island of fun!" and so forth.

It's like ouroboros only maybe healthy and not sssso sssssnake-ish.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Remember that picture I talked about where I looked so freaked out at Christmas two years ago? I just randomly found it in my dad's pictures online. Figures that he was the one that took it. He always seems to know what the real deal is.

this was the post:
here is the pic

Annnd a close up.

Yikes. I can feel that feeling in my feelers just LOOKING at it. I felt like running and screaming into a tree like Katniss in The Hunger Games. That's right. I'm reading that book and guess what everyone? It's the best book I've read in a long time. Young adult my can. That is a scary and deep story! I wish I was reading it now. sigh. What was I even talking about?

Oh right. Trees.

Spring is coming and going but will eventually show up for good here in a few days I think. I feel relaxed. I'm very happy. Always a little gun shy to feel either emotion but I might as well. I used to think that phrase was "mind as well". Well my mind is good as well.

I also thought it was you "goated someone into doing such and such" instead of "goading". I pictured a goat head butting someone into their next move. Goating them into it.

I do have some fantastic news but it's sort of even too private for me. Let's just say Judy Blume talked a lot about it and I never thought it would happen to me again after chemo. It's no gaurantee of children of our own but it is certainly a nice bit of hope. We needed that and are enjoying it greatly. Plus it's a real load off not to cry every single time I see or hold or smell a baby.

See how I said it was too private to talk about but here I am talking about it? That is a classic Crescent trick. You gotta watch me. I'm wiley like a fox! I tend to say things without saying them then just accidentally say them. Like this...PERIOD~!!!! WHOOOHOO!!!

Shoulder shrug. We're all adults and can handle it. Plus it's really a hugly mongus deal to me and J, which those that love me know.

He was telling his friends at work (see? we don't need no stinkin privacy) and said "She just got her first hair cut last week and now she's got her period!?? My little girl is growing up so fast!"

He's a crack up, that one.

Love to all!