Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hump it UP.

The end of hump day is near and I'm feeling much less ragarrific today. I got some rough mixes of the songs I sang back up for on my friends upcoming album. They sounded really great and I'm excited to hear them fully mixed.

My boss called me from her trip to make sure I wasn't feeling dumped on at work, which I'm not, but it is really good for my constitution to work for someone that is aware of that being a possibility.

I have a party to go to tonight for a dear friend from my old job that just got a new job...way to go her. I plan to drink some Makers on the rocks and really give the ol helgado a run for its money.

That's it. But that's not nothing so I'll take the something.

worst. blog. post. ever.
Now...for no reason at mom in a tree house.



Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surly and Pinchy

I feel both of the above. I had to be at work at 7:00 a.m. (as in "am I serious?" yes.) I really was fine until I hit the 1:30 mark and then I became bitter and sleepy. These are the dwarfs in my fairytale. Surly, Pinchy, Bitter and Sleepy. Okay Sleepy is already taken by that pasty uptight Snow White. How about Lethargic. Surly, Pinchy, Bitter & Lethargic the Dwarfs.

Anyway, the fact that my tolerance for people just being people wanes so much during a long day like this is not good. I need to work on that. Someone just offered me a tart (the dessert, not an easy dame) because "Today was extra sweet because of you so have a sweet!". I mean that's very nice right? But for some reason it made me want to karate kick the wall for an hour with just one leg. My right one. It's the strongest.

Good thing I never got a job as like a teamster or something.

I have no picture for today because I'm just too over it. AH! Another dwarf. Over-It.

Okay here's a pic after all.

It means nothing. Just kidding. Life means something, don't worry.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weak N Duh.

Friday - blue cheese burgers at Katzfey's. Watched a beautiful thunderstorm roll in and I was once again amazed at my freakishly in tune weather instincts. What I said as storm rolled in "I bet that will bring in a major cold front behind it and by the time we leave it will be in the 40's." I was right. Yet another career option I overlooked.

I had the bright idea to try and spit into the grill while Jason and Matt were waiting for the coals to heat up but then chickened out and made Anne do it. It was as sizzly and great as I'd hoped. And grossed out the guys which was goal number 2.

Saturday - Gannon's for beer and bloodys with Jason. Then home for some major nap time with Calaban. Again...when will this cat get the stick out of his ass and learn to relax a little bit! GOD! Look how uptight he is?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Admins Day Everyone!

So far I've had the best day I've had in awhile. I got roses and a gift card and a fancy lunch and business cards and a high five.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Diamond Fortune You Say?

I had a dream last night that someone was breaking into our apartment. I was so scared and ran to Jason but he wasn't there so I started saying "Please take anything just don't hurt me.....we are pretty broke anyway I don't really know what to give you but just PLEASE don't stab me!" (I'm really afraid of being stabbed, my whole life. I mean I suppose everyone is. It's not like a fear of mice or something that can be conquered. No one really ever wants to conquer a stabbing phobia I guess.)

The intruder then grabbed a pen (I was assuming he was going to stab me with that) and started to back me into the corner of my dining room. It was all totally movie style with me falling backward into shelves and loudly knocking stuff over. So finally I'm crouched against a wall and he takes off his sky mask (so cliche', I know) and then starts taking off his coat and underneath is a suit! He's a lawyer! He says "Relax! I'm just hear to get your signature on this diamond fortune you've inherited!" and sure enough he was on the level. He had the papers and the diamonds in a wine box.

I was so relieved. I really wasn't up for another nightmare after the "hee hee ghost lady" from two nights ago. There's really not much to tell about that one except that all the lights in my apartment were out and as I walked by the bedroom door I heard a really creepy woman's voice singing/saying "heeee heeee heeeeee". Scared the crap out of me. I woke up with a goosebump suit on.

I don't think I have any pictures for today. I meant to take a pic of the steaks Jason made last night, but again, too hungry.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Sunday to Beat All Sundays

yes two posts in one day. Try not to faint. It was a very full and fun weekend but Squahz needed its own post.

So yesterday Jason and I had our usual lunch at Gannon's and blabbed with the bartender about high school and what not, (1000 DAYS! that's for Jason). Then we met up with Matt and Anne and their seriously, PAINfully sweet little girl, Elizabeth. We hung out at our place and listened to the Cubs win and played washers but mostly we walked around with E, who is JUST about ready to let go of the hand and walk on her own, but her favorite walking partner was Jason. She would take a one minute break and sit by me then reach out for his finger and start him around the block again.

I really can't remember a better Sunday in a long time. Perfect weather, great friends, cans of beer and my best friend in the universe......Calaban....JUST KIDDING...I mean Jason of course.

Although Calaban DID try and join the yard party but got outside and instantly freaked out knowing he wasn't supposed to be there so luckily the day didn't end with a runaway tabby. Speaking of cats, the neighbor's cats hung out with us via their porch window. Look at how smushed they are !!! I love them.


So the Katzfeys and the Prahs may have come up with the world's coolest (kewwwwlest) game ever. On Saturday night we all had to attend what we only knew as "a musical theater review tour at Waukegan High School". The reason we were going was because a dear friend of ours who lives in Nashville was in said review.

Anne and Matt picked us up and we had about 1.5 hours in the car to kill. (I mean killing time...not animals or people or anything....after this horrible shooty weekend I felt I needed to qualify). We started discussing what we might see in the show that night and came up with the greatest game of all time.

Musical Theater Cliche' Squares (pronounced Squahz!)

We ended up with a pretty complex points system and had side bets on ticket prices and what not. Essentially all we needed were the basics. We all had 9 squahz to fill out. We did this silently and then compared notes. Most of us had things like "presenting hands" and/or "jazz hands" but then all of us ended up with some really wonderful goochers that were unique to each of us.

Here is my squah.

I was able to cross off everything except for Russians (the dance move OR the people....hey wait....does the Fiddler solo count????). Jason won, of course. He even was able to cross out "Military based monologue". He also was the first to complete a row AND the SECOND to cross something off. It all happened pretty quickly. I walked in (we were late) and while we were waiting for the guys to park I peeped in and saw a longing eye hand holdy duet! Matt and I had to excuse ourselves to the lobby for a second when the minute we all walked into the theater together Jason exclaimed via loud whisper "BAD ACCENT!" and crossed it off his game board. Another highlight was Anne almost dying of the giggles at, what Jason calls, candalography during a Phantom Medley. She said it less Phantom and more Star Wars and at the end of Christine's solo she said "So is she a Jedi yet?".

I must have to try this. Jason said as we started the long drive home at midnight (after beers with our friend in the sickest Days Inn hotel room EVER) "Man. I bet this makes us see a LOT more theater."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Work Pile!

I just finished up this work pile. I took this picture last night to remind myself to buckle down this a.m. and I did. It may not look like much but trust me, G, it was. I have a splitting headache to prove it...or show for it....or whatever. I have a splitting headache is all.

Last night I had a nice little happy hour with two good friends. Two very smart women who are experts at interesting conversation and making me laugh.

What else.....hmmm...the other night I dreamed I was taking Indian Classes. That's what they were called. The consisted of going to this super tall, bald, gay guy's apartment and doing some weird very light aerobics and tai chi and then he'd ask me questions at the end. Questions like; "What do you do when someone asks you for the truth?" and I'd answer "tell them" and then he said I was a natural and moved me to the advanced class and asked me to remember to bring $1.75 next week. Totally worth it. That was a great Indian Class.

Friday, April 11, 2008


When I said "best meal I've had in awhile" I meant by Jason. Jason's meals are always great but his meatballs really spoke to me.

ANOTHER of the best meals I've had in a long time was the night before at Matt (pictured cheering on the Cubbies) and Anne's! Matt made an amazing vodka tomato sauce with a pasta I've never had before. They look like ruffley trumpets.

So in conclusion, I've had TWO life changing meals this week both cooked by boys.

Jason's First Meatball

Sorry for all the Jason posts but he's my muse since I got my new phone with the awesome camera in it. Although he needs to watch more ANTM because he isn't good at holding his poses. He giggles too much. And if he wants a real career in this industry he's going to need to start taking some GD direction and take this job SERIOUSLY!

Anyway, he makes a mean meatball. Last night was his first attempt and it was truly the best meal I've had in awhile.

I love the state of disarray the kitchen is in. Open cupboards, bowls everywhere.

See what I mean about the giggling? I gave him a simple direction...."Hold the spoon to your mouth and look sexy while making sure the cook book is held right and don't let the towel fall off your shoulder".

This is a little better.
And here are the meatballs before they went into the oven. I meant to take a picture of the final dinner but was too excited and just started eating.

See? He's almost giggling again in my very important sepia art pic!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Art of Jason

Happy Thursday Everyone! Here's a fun game. Try and spot Jason in the following three pics! The second one is tricky!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Come on. Check out the picture quality of my new camera. I love it sooo very dearly. I mean I wasn't even STEADY when I clicked this pic of the right corner of my desk but you can still see my fig lotion and Rosie The Riveter doll!
Things are feeling much more normal today all around. The darkness......she has passed.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

mood swing.

Two things that really made me feel better.

1. Delivery Notification Dear Customer, This is in response to your request for delivery information concerning the shipment listed below.
Tracking Number:

1.30 Lbs
Shipped/Billed On:

Delivered On:

04/08/2008 2:10 P.M.
Delivered To:

Signed By:




2. via instant message "You are seriously the best friend ever."

Those two minor things took the edge off and then some.

that is all. i'm going home to have an awkward first date with my new phone.

My Evil Twin.

Something is majorly wrong with me. I have been in a bad mood for like 5 days. I can't shake it no matter how hard I try. There are a few things stressing me out but NOTHING major and certainly nothing I haven't dealt with a million times before.

1. Hormones. I'm truly hoping this is MOST of the issue and that is passes today sometime and I get back to my positive outlook self.

2. Money. I think this might be most of it maybe. I'm just so sick of taking a step forward then falling like a canyon's worth backwards. Will it EVER be easier? It really doesn't seem like it.

3. Fat.

4. I miss my new phone that I haven't even met yet. It's been delivered to my apartment TWICE but no one has been there to get it. I just WANT IT!@!!!!!! GOD!!!!

5. People telling me what to do. Now this is a tough one because my entire JOB is based on me doing what I'm asked but I'm in no mood for it I tells ya....NO mood.

6. My own stupid self! I'm so annoyed with how snippy and mean I feel that I wish I could send myself on an errand for like three days just to get a break from myself.

7. The disgusting salad I ate like two bites of for lunch. Stupid Quiznos and stupid me for not listening to Hixx and John!

Okay that's a little better. Sometimes I just need to list shit out to get perspective. That's right I just swore in my blog. This is the new angry for no reason me. Hopefully she'll go the frig away by tomorrow because this is the craps.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Noodles & Bus Rides & Hot Tubs

I'm kind of a zombie today (slow moving "BRRRAINS" kind of zombie not super fast eat your face kind of zombie so don't be too scared. You have time to get away as long as you stretch first).
I will just catch you up via pictures. Also my phone has died forever so if you were trying to call or text me this weekend it just went into the strange abyss that is what we are now calling my DOS Phone. Because all that shows up on the screen is this weird robo DOS looking writing that says "Boot Loader". You heard me. And don't tell me how to fix it or to call t-mobile. I did all this. No one understands what illness has taken my young phone in her salad days but God is a mystery. His is not mine to question.
SoooooOOOooooo a new phone is on the way and should be here by tomorrow so I'll feel more myself then, maybe.
anyway, pictures.....tell my stories please.

Easter Sunday. Left to right. Brother-in-law, me, middle sister's boyfriend, middle sister, oldest sister, husband. It was snowing but you can't tell. There's nothing like hot tubbing in a snow storm. That sounded sarcastic but I really mean it. Again...that's just my zombie 'tude shining through.
This is from Saturday. My Dad's b-day part at Two Lakes. The world's most awesome Italian Supper Club in a small town in central Wisconsin EVER! We've been going there since I was a baby and I will love it like kitten until I am no more. It's so great. You have to wear BIBS! Come on. So up my ally. Look at that relish tray! That's just the beginning! Sadly the Two Lakes have actually dried up. I just noticed that on Saturday when I started to get all nostalgic about walking down to the lakes with my godsister and then looked for said lakes. They weren't there. I'm over in the corner with the bib between my dad and nephew. In case you are playing Where's Waldo with me.

THREE swim suit pics in ONE post? Hold on to your pants everyone, it's going to be a chubby ride. Anyway, this is me after shooting down the water slide in Arizona. I was the only one who was cool enough (read: immature enough) to actually make use of the water slide. It was freezing water but come on....water slide. Here we all are in Arizona. By the pool. *sniff* I wish I could relive that weekend again this very instant. It was so fun and warm and hilarious. Also those sunglasses already bit the dust. I can't have nice things.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


So I spoke too soon. I have an infection. My mouth got more and more swollen last night and then at about 3am went into intense pain mode. The dentist hooked me up with meds so I'll be fine by tomorrow hopefully. But dang. It was going so well.

The beer tasting was fun even with my chipmunk face and throbbing jaw.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wait...I take two things back.

One...I'm not depressed. F that. I finally faced a financial issue that has been keeping me scared and embarrassed for YEARS. Literally years. I made the calls and followed through and now am on the road (albeit SLOW road) to paying it off. That took guts on my part and facing that fear really takes a load off. face does kind of hurt sort of badly now....but only when I smile or open my mouth so I can live with that.

Here's to facing things and all things face.

So tonight I'm going to go to a beer tasting. Maybe I will be brave there and try something dark and bitter even though I'm feeling a little light.

Does your face hurt? Cuz it's killing me!!!!

Actually my face doesn't really hurt that badly at all. The procedure was way less of a big deal than it was made out to be. My jaw hurts a lot today but I can deal with that. Plus I got French food for dinner so I am lucky.

Part two of bravery week is done with too. It wasn't great news and kind of depressed me BUT I faced it and am working on it and am really no worse off than I was before. Plus half my mouth is totally clean and awesome.

Here is a man we made out of onions last night after dinner.

Here are my delicous snails.

It's a shame that Calaban is so uptight and doesn't know how to relax.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So the day is here. At 3:00 today I will get a needle in my gums!!! WHY GOD WHY! I kid. I think I'm really onto something with this whole National Bravery Week...I mean I'm the only celebrating that I know of BUT it's really got my spine nice and sturdy.

I will report back tomorrow on the horrors of gum scaling.