Thursday, August 31, 2006

Heading Up Nort!

Jason and I leave tomorrow for our week long Wisco adventure! His parents (my in-laws if you do the math) live up in the true and actual..north woods. Some of you might not know this, but I'm not really the fishing type, but that is the majority of what we will be doing up there.

I'm a little nervous just because for some reason lately the thought of anything dying, even a slimy, wiggly fish makes me deeply saddened. However, I bet I get over it pretty quickly.

My prediction, or hope, is that I end up loving it and having a blast. That's usually how life works out for me, if I will it in that direction.

Behold my power of positive thinking!

OR I'll end up hooking my own ear, confronting a bear, or taking a wrong turn in the canoe and ending up in Michigan.

Behold my power of reality.


I'll photog the whole ordeal/wonderful experience and blog about it when I return.

Until then.....keep reachin' for the stars kids.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Aging Aliens

Last night I had the strangest dream. I sailed away to a little row boat to find ya. You said you had to get your laundry clean.

Just kidding. That's a song lyric...not a dream. THIS is a dream.

I was doing improv again for one night only in some other state and my entire team (whoever the were since I'm not on an improv team anymore) forgot to show up so it was just me and this other team I'd never met doing an hour long improv show.

I ended up having to start it off with a solo scene so I put on this long blue cape thing and snapped at the light booth. The house lights went down and one lone spot light came up.

I started walking in an X pattern around the stage and finally said in this low voice....

"Attention all Venutians. Before starting today's activities please be reminded that tomorrow is the start of 'Help A Senior Venutian Citizen Week'"

The audience laughed and laughed and I won the respect of all the other performers. Then I blacked out ala Peggy Sue Got Married and woke up after the show to everyone standing around me.

Faceless Performer: "Crescent you had a great show!"
Me: "Thanks but I don't remember anything past the Venutian announcments bit. That always happens when I'm on stage."

Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Husbo!

Happy Birthday today to my main little dude, Jason. I couldn't love you more if I tried. You bring out the best in me and everyone you encounter.

Anyone who reads this and knows (or doesn't know) Jason leave a happy b-day comment if you feel so inclined.

One small side note. The woman who cut my hair today has the exact same big toe thumbs as I do. She said someone once told her that big stubby thumbs meant good fortune and a happy life. So let's hope the former shakes out. The latter is already true.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Wild and Crazzzy Night!

First of all I have to say that it's absolutely splendid that the pictured taco is wearing his wraper in diaper fashion.

Now, down to business.

Jason and I decided to sleep the opposite of bed-wise last night to be closer to the fan air. We still both slept like crap, but when I did sleep I had the weirdest dreams ever. Or different I should say. All my dreams are the weirdest ever.

First off, I can tell the dieting is starting to work because I had a first food lust dream. I was eating a giant meaty taco with tons of super cold sour cream on the top. I couldn't get enough of it. And it was that really nasty, but good cafeteria style ground beef that I adore. Sad but true.

THEN I had what seemed like a five hour dream about being on a tv show with Steve Martin! I had a super small, but regular role and we all had to live in this big apartment complex together while filming. I wanted to be buds with Steve (but he liked my roommate more because she had been there last summer) so I told him I was reading one of his books, but then blanked on the name of it and he said.."wow. I can tell it's really making an impression on you." and rolled his eyes and walked off! Then I had a scene with him where I had one line but every time I said it I spilled something and he said "CUT!...we'll resume when Crescent gets her act together."

(In real life I spilled a cub of bright red fruit puree on our wall and fridge. I'm sure this is why that kept happening in my dream. It looked like a stabbing had taken place in there.)

I never won his friendship. I tried, but no dice. I woke up and thought maybe if I'm there again next summer it will be enough time to be friends with that whole crowd including Steve. So wish me luck.