Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Donut Shame

I am doing pretty well with the weight loss thing. It's slow going but it's going. I can tell I look healthier already. Although right now I'm a giant embarrassed splotchy red mess because I just mortified myself.

Wednesday is donut/bagel day at work. I have to get them at Dunkin Donuts and set them up. I really REALLY love donuts. I haven't had a donut in three weeks. OR a bagel. This has not been easy for me.

Today I was early to work with the donuts and bagels and took extra care setting them all up in the kitchen. I made them look extra delicious. BUT I stayed strong and walked back to my desk and ate my boiled egg and yogurt. (just typing that made me frown and pout....stupid egg. dumb yogurt. rassafrassa....)

I got stressy with work and found myself lifted up from my chair and walking, nay, floating towards the kitchen. Pulled by a force stronger than I. I think I blacked out a little because all of a sudden I was standing the kitchen....just staring at the donuts. Staring. I thought "I'll be that moron that cuts it in half and just has partial satisfaction." "I'll shove the whole thing in my mouth really fast and it will be like it never happened!" "I'll bring it to my desk, wrap it in a warm, soft Kleenex and just put it in my drawer and name it Gertie so that I grow attached and can't bring myself to eat her."

So however long it took you to just read that is the amount of time I was standing there....staring at donuts. If I were a size 4 this might be a cute thing. "look at that sweet petite lady wanting sugary pink breakfast sweets..awww" but when you are 30 lbs overweight and your brow is furrowed it's just sort of hard to watch, I would imagine. Like a jailhouse documentary or Precious.

Thinking I was alone with my donut thoughts. I finally found my willpower and slowly turned to walk away, shaking my head "no donut" as I did so only to find three co-workers at the sink watching the whole, sad, ordeal. I could've just walked away but no I muttered "heh heh...thought I wanted one...trying to...not."


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Pound Of Flesh

I'm down a pound. Don't worry. I won't update every time I lose a pound. Probably.

This is what the internets told me a pound of fat looks like:

Blergh-o-rama. Maybe that's what OTHER people's fat looks like but mine is more like this:

That's right. I'm made of kitties. Just ask Twinkles...that's my elbow.

What? What happened? Did I make a super weird joke about elbow cats and then faint? I thought so. Better have some rice cakes.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What is UP?

Fat. Fat is up. I am tired of the ill fitting pants and the shirts that ride up. I have taken action. Lipo!! Kidding,kidding. You all know how I feel about unnecessary surgery.

I AM however embarking on this whole "change of habits" journey I hear tell about. I'm using a really great app called Lose It! (the exclamation point makes me feel like they are yelling at me but that's's like the ARMY). It's basically Weight Watchers but free and a little more aggro. AGGRO!!!! Plus it includes a good deal of exercise. A word I have trouble spelling and thing I don't usually do.

I'm slated to be down to my wedding weight by March 2012. I liked that weight. It wasn't my thinnest but I looked nice and curvy without the squish. I loathe the squish. I poke it sometimes just to stay on target. Poke poke...I'm doing it now. Right in my belly. So gross.

The bottom line is this: I like myself. I think I look great. I'm glad to be alive. Jason likes me and thinks I'm pretty. I don't have big hang ups about food I just love it is all. As J says "I don't eat because I'm stressed or sad...I eat because it's delicious." Amen little one, amen. Jason, by the way, has lost 20 lbs. so this helps in my motivation. Envy is one of my true motivators, for better or for worse.

Mostly I just am ready to be healthy. It's time. January will be a year of not being on cancer treatments (except Tamoxifen of course but that's no big whoop). Life is moving on. Jason is embarking on his dream of opening a restaurant. I am ready to look and feel my best.

So that's that. Just wanted to put it out here to keep myself accountable. Because BOY would my face be red if in 5 months I came back here and was like " my new thing is being extra EXTRA fat. I wash myself with a stick."

Wish me luck and here's to less squish!!!