Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News You Can USE!

I haven't gotten a "pedi", as the kids are calling it, yet. Megan pinched my toe ever so slightly on Saturday and I actually yelled at her. So I may not be ready. She agreed.

In other news Calaban the Unemployed Cat (pictured here refusing to put on a tie and go to his temp job) will live to see another day! He just got a good (ish) vet report after worries that he was not doing well. We are very happy and glad. Happy AND glad! Whoa. And maybe pleased even!

I'm kind of in the mood to bite people's arms really hard or throw a shoe at a face today but I think I can feel it passing.....maybe. I think it best if I spend the night alone with a good book that's shaped like a bottle and made of glass and full of chardonnay.

Oh and we were the victims of a splatting of some kind over the weekend. I like to think it's a tomato thrown at the precise time I made a horrible joke but Jason says it's paint...and he sort of likes it....says "I think it's artistic!". Uh huh...i bet you do Jason.
Suspect #1....Jason.
Suspect #2...the Greek Mafia (I have my reasons).
Suspect #3......The Crackingtons down the street.
Suspect #4.......................oh let's say Madam.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things to do before my 35th B-day....and on-going list.

  1. get a pedicure for the first time. I have been putting this off for years because I have very sensative feet and they hurt a lot due to a joint problem. But I'm going to do it. Like next week. I don't want feet that feel like sea shells to the touch anymore. Like right now there are three band-aids falling off my toes and blood on my side foot. I mean....come on. Don't be so gross, me. I will report back.
In other news I made this for Matt in honor of his birthday. I did it in 1 min flat. Concept through execution and posting on facebook. I have a real future in smart assed, vaguely racially inappropriate birthday cat pictures and captions. Hire me!