Thursday, August 28, 2008

Da Nort Woods.

So tomorrow, at the b-crack, Jason and I head up to the middle of nowhere Wisconsin for a week of fishing, relaxing, hiking and visiting with his wonderful parents. Oh and drinking cans of beer on the water, which I highly recommend.

The cool thing is since it's so far up north we will already get to see some fall colors which I LIVE for.

I'll post lots of pics when I get back. We may actually use a real camera this time instead of my POS phone camera.

Alright, take it easy Chicago!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Do you want to make appletinis and watch ‘Sex and the City’ at my place?"

Tonight! Tonight! Announcement! Announcement!

I'm playing Meredith in a staged reading of The Office (a spec script my very talented friend Dan wrote). OH! And awesome Erica is also in it!

and lots of other great people!

So come and see it if you wanna!

here's the info!

It's short and free and funny and good!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Let Me ADVICE You!

Okay so I'm going to give this advice blog thing a whirl but first I need...well...things to advise. So if you or anyone you know is having an issue with ANYTHING I will start collecting letters and creating some totally unqualified advice and then will post the link to the new blog here.

Send letters to:
(this might change later but for now i'm just using my yahoo)

I will keep them private so don't worry about that.

Also you should know that my cat loves sleeping on me.


Friday, August 22, 2008

When Opportunity Knocks

So our cat, Calaban, got out the other day. He ended up just going upstairs to the neighbor's door and meowing to be let in. I think he thought it was ours.

Anyway, that got us thinking that really there is almost no way he could escape from our yard as long as the gates are closed and that he's a good, old cat that deserves to see the out of doors once and awhile.

Cut to last night. Jason is making pork chops and opens the door to air out the kitchen. Calaban looks interested so we decide to let him give it a try. We open the door all wide and stuff and this is what happened.

thinking about it......

thinking about it.......

No thank you.

What a weirdo.

In conclusion.......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

One More

I hate when people tell me what I'm eating.

"Ooooooo McChicken."

I know what I'm eating. If I don't that means you should call an ambulance because I've had a stroke or lost my mind.

Crunching my last nerve

I understand eating can't be a silent activity, but does it need to be a loudness competition? My lord in heimel (or whatever that expression is).

So I was talking to my laids in the comments about what to name my upcoming advice blog but thought I would put it up here...

wait....sidebar....ANOTHER thing that drives me to the brink of kicking air and losing my marbles? Asking me a question...I give the answer and then basically asking it again hoping for a new answer. Holy BALLS that makes me cranky!

anyway, as you can tell, my day is annoying. Not tragic or bad...just one of those plastic things inside your shirt, which incidentally I have going on as well.

So back to bizzzzzness

here are my ideas for the advice blog:

The Agony and the Empathy
Give It To Me Straight, Doc
Or provide suggestions.

Oh? What's that? You want a picture? FINE!

Monday, August 18, 2008

How Dry I Am.

I just don't have much to say for some reason. I'm sure I do, but I just haven't felt like it or something.

So....maybe ask me a question or give me some ideas. I'm just plum out. I'm planning to start an advice blog soon. I've been talking about it for three years and originally wanted THIS to be an advice blog but I just never got my S together.

Anyway, stay tuned for that. For now???? Anything you want to talk about? No?

Fine. Friendship divorce! Just kidding.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Grill you know it's true.....

We broke in the new grill last night. Well Jason did. I just set the table then took pictures of our cat while drinking wine.
What I did.
What Jason did.
What I did.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back in El Saddle-o.

What a weekend is all I have to say. Friday trip to sisters to see aunt and uncle. Great. Saturday spent the afternoon with Jason's softball team and the evening with some great new friends at a BBQ. Sunday.....the party to end all parties.

When we got to the space to set up Jason said "Man...what if no one shows up and we have all this food and beer?"

Needless to say....they showed up. I think there were close to 70 people there to eat, drink and celebrate how wonderful Jason is. And he really really is. So many times I would look over at him playing washers or talking to someone and laughing and think "thank God he's my husband and man, do I ever love him." It was a special day. Old friends showed up that we haven't seen in, literally, almost 6 years. New friends showed up and became even closer friends. And our family (Anne, Matt, Fred, Megan, etc.) were all there to help out, grill, play and be their wonderful selves.

J and I both had yesterday off (his actual b-day) and spent it on the couch watching old movies. (Stand By Me and A Fish Called Wanda). We talked and talked about how great his party was and how lucky we are to know so many smart, diverse, kind and insanely fun people. Then we ate a giant birthday pizza.

Here is a pic of Jason opening up his new grill. He was very surprised and happy. I think tonight will be the night we break it in.....that's right kids....cell camera is BACK ON! Whoot!

(man...I swore I took more pictures but I can only find this one and one of a cucumber in the shape of a J. Oh well.)