Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's my last day at work. So weird. I've had a really good time at this job but am ready for the next step in my journey to have a life.

Last night I had dream after dream about my new job. Mostly it was me oversleeping the first day and not showing up until 11:00 and then having jeans on when there is a no jeans policy. BUT by the end of the run of stress dreams I was only having a small problem matching blue shoes with a brown dress. That's progress. Good thing I have 11 days off to prepare for the new gig.

Jas and I head to his parents tonight and then to my parents on Sunday. I will be eating more than is recommended by a medical professional and I don't care.

Also, I'm not going to lie......PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay it's out of my system. I know the true meaning of the holiday and all that. Don't worry. I just get very excited about presents. So do you....don't lie.


ooops....that one slipped out. Excuse me.

Love and best wishes to everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Regina Paraknockas

5:00 a.m. Jason and I both wake up to pee and get a drink of water. The following is almost word for word the conversation we had.

Jason: I dreamed an entire musical! Everyone was singing in French!
Crescent: Were they like "du day von pew don see swa..." (NOTE: not real French)
Jason: No they weren't singing in French.
Crescent: You just said they were.
Jason: I mean French accents.
Crescent: Ohhh...well you said French but whatever. I've dreamed musical numbers before like the other night when I had that dream about the kids that time traveled back to their dorms and sang that song called "It's All Here."
Jason: Whoa. Yeah that was weird.
Crescent: Don't you wish they made dream recorders?
Jason: If they did I would have a smash hit on the West End. (pause) Or the South End. (pause) Or maybe the rear end. (laughs hysterically)
Crescent: That's what your musical should be called "Zee Rear...End"
Jason: Keeps laughing. (pause) Zee Rear......End. (laughs more...gets up for more water and walks into the living room)
Crescent: Where are you going?
Jason: To write down my ideas!!!! (comes right back to bed and is chewing something) Just kidding. I needed a Tums. (pause) Zee Rear.....End.
Crescent: I only have an hour more to sleep so stop making me laugh.
Jason: Zee Rear.........End.

(5 minutes pass. I'm JUST falling back to sleep)

Jason: (laughing even more hysterically)
Crescent: Dude.
Jason: What if.....(laughs)...what if....there was a Greek woman named Regina Paraknockas??? (hysterical laughter again) Regina.....(laughs)...ParaKNOCKas!!!! You have to say it!!!
Crescent: Regina Paraknockas. Why is her first name Regina?
Jason: (still laughing) Because....she's Regina Paraknockas!

Needless to say I've pretty much been up since 5:00 a.m.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I got the official offer last Friday and gave my official notice today! I am so excited! I start at my new job on Jan. 2ND. I have to get a ton of new clothes since my current job is a jeans and t-shirt place and my new gig is biz cazzz. I am honestly so happy and excited about the job I'm doing and the company that I keep forgetting I'm ALSO gonna be making more money! Then I faint or kick off a shoe or something to celebrate.

We had a hilarious party at Fred's on Friday night to celebrate. Here is my favorite moment of that night. I can't remember what they were doing but that's why I love it so much. I think maybe it had something to do with puppetry. I hope so. I just remember having to stop my guitar battle with Slash due to how hard I was laughing.