Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's my last day at work. So weird. I've had a really good time at this job but am ready for the next step in my journey to have a life.

Last night I had dream after dream about my new job. Mostly it was me oversleeping the first day and not showing up until 11:00 and then having jeans on when there is a no jeans policy. BUT by the end of the run of stress dreams I was only having a small problem matching blue shoes with a brown dress. That's progress. Good thing I have 11 days off to prepare for the new gig.

Jas and I head to his parents tonight and then to my parents on Sunday. I will be eating more than is recommended by a medical professional and I don't care.

Also, I'm not going to lie......PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay it's out of my system. I know the true meaning of the holiday and all that. Don't worry. I just get very excited about presents. So do you....don't lie.


ooops....that one slipped out. Excuse me.

Love and best wishes to everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Regina Paraknockas

5:00 a.m. Jason and I both wake up to pee and get a drink of water. The following is almost word for word the conversation we had.

Jason: I dreamed an entire musical! Everyone was singing in French!
Crescent: Were they like "du day von pew don see swa..." (NOTE: not real French)
Jason: No they weren't singing in French.
Crescent: You just said they were.
Jason: I mean French accents.
Crescent: Ohhh...well you said French but whatever. I've dreamed musical numbers before like the other night when I had that dream about the kids that time traveled back to their dorms and sang that song called "It's All Here."
Jason: Whoa. Yeah that was weird.
Crescent: Don't you wish they made dream recorders?
Jason: If they did I would have a smash hit on the West End. (pause) Or the South End. (pause) Or maybe the rear end. (laughs hysterically)
Crescent: That's what your musical should be called "Zee Rear...End"
Jason: Keeps laughing. (pause) Zee Rear......End. (laughs more...gets up for more water and walks into the living room)
Crescent: Where are you going?
Jason: To write down my ideas!!!! (comes right back to bed and is chewing something) Just kidding. I needed a Tums. (pause) Zee Rear.....End.
Crescent: I only have an hour more to sleep so stop making me laugh.
Jason: Zee Rear.........End.

(5 minutes pass. I'm JUST falling back to sleep)

Jason: (laughing even more hysterically)
Crescent: Dude.
Jason: What if.....(laughs)...what if....there was a Greek woman named Regina Paraknockas??? (hysterical laughter again) Regina.....(laughs)...ParaKNOCKas!!!! You have to say it!!!
Crescent: Regina Paraknockas. Why is her first name Regina?
Jason: (still laughing) Because....she's Regina Paraknockas!

Needless to say I've pretty much been up since 5:00 a.m.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I got the official offer last Friday and gave my official notice today! I am so excited! I start at my new job on Jan. 2ND. I have to get a ton of new clothes since my current job is a jeans and t-shirt place and my new gig is biz cazzz. I am honestly so happy and excited about the job I'm doing and the company that I keep forgetting I'm ALSO gonna be making more money! Then I faint or kick off a shoe or something to celebrate.

We had a hilarious party at Fred's on Friday night to celebrate. Here is my favorite moment of that night. I can't remember what they were doing but that's why I love it so much. I think maybe it had something to do with puppetry. I hope so. I just remember having to stop my guitar battle with Slash due to how hard I was laughing.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

take stock...THAT'S AN ORDER!

Just a quick post. So one of our dearest friends mother's just passed away last week. A favorite professor passed away a few days ago leaving behind a wife and kids. And a wonderful woman and good friend is in the process of saying good-bye to her Dad. I just can't imagine and it makes my heart hurt so much for all these people and their pain and loss. It also makes me admire them and how strong they all are.

So everyone take stock today and bask in the ease and comfort of a normal day. Kiss someone you love. Most importantly don't flip a lid over tiny things that don't matter.

That's all.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

J-Toven's 5th

Jason is growing a beard and I'm so excited! I just got on a beard kick lately. Like the really short but kind of late 70's early 80's type. The things that guy will do for me when I ask him. Some of it has to do with the fact that there is a beard contest going on at work (I didn't enter.....THIS time) and so beards are everywhere.

Oh and my sister started calling Jason J-Toven on Thanksgiving because he did all the dishes and the steam made his adorable curly hair like three times its normal size. Now we all call him that.

I'll have some Thanksgiving pics up soon but just know that I think we may have had the world's most perfect T-Day ever. It just ruled in every way. I can't wait for Christmas!!!!

Mrs. J-Toven

Friday, November 16, 2007

busy and a little bit sad bee

I'm alive I swear. My sweet cat Ava, sadly, is not. We had to put her down on Wednesday and it was sooooo sad and hard, but the right thing to do.

I will post a pic of her once I can look at said pic without bawling. I'm just not ready.

Other than THAT things are great. I've lost 8 lbs. We are slowly but slowly getting out of debt. There are some job prospects on El Horizon. If I ever open a Mexican breakfast joint I'm naming it that. COPYRIGHT!!!! There...that makes the idea legally mine.

J and I are heading to my sister's for Thanksgiving and can't wait. We are having Kentucky ham (salty and awesome not wiggly and sweet like they do hams up here) AND turkey. Maybe it will be like Thanksgiving of 2000 when I ate so much I literally puked. I hope so. That was hilarious. (just kidding barf gods. I don't want that to happen again. It hurt.)

So there's my update for now.

Here's a picture of me and Jason at the bon fire in Michigan a few weeks ago. I love our weird green and orange color scheme. It's so circa '81 Sears living room.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Para Mateo

My dear friend, Matt, has been on my case about blogging more. I swear I'm trying! This GD job of mine. They want me to.....get my work all day. Whatever.

Here are a few tidbits.

I'm still on the hunt for a new gig that involves a ton less numbers. However, I've started a game with myself where everytime I go to type in a number I associate an age with it.

"82. The age I'll be when I finally find a job I love."

"18. The age when I thought things were really hard. HA!!!!! Stupid 18 year olds."

"26. The age I realized people weren't going to show up at my door with money and fames. Yes fames. I coined it just now and it's sticking."

Anyway, that's passing the time.

I'm going to Wisconsin AGAIN this weekend with Fred and Jason to see Jason's family and surprise his little brother at a show in which his band is playing.....phewwww.....that was a hard sentence to construct. You can tell I've been immersed in numbertown lately.

OH! My birthday was grand as usual. Had a wonderful time with my family and got to pick out a brand new bed set for our brand new bed!!!!

BEHOLD THE BEDROOM FIT FOR ADULTS! (bathing cat not included)
Also, I would like to pay my public respects to Sylvie the cat. You never told anyone that I snuck you a little bite of cheese every time I cat sat and that made us friends. You were very loved by Matt and Anne and even though you tried to eat part of Jason's arm that one time he still loved you too. I wish I had a picture of you to post but we will all remember how pretty you were.

Finally, Jason is the most fun person to be married to ever. I have been so stressed out and weird lately but he makes me laugh every single day and keeps his material fresh. FRESH! If that's ALL I had going for me I would still be one of the luckiest people on the planet. Thank you to him for being the best.

Whoa. The end of this post makes it seem like I'm offing myself or going into hiding. I'm not. Just doing a little stock taking. It's good for the perspectives.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Month of Crescent Begins.

I spent my Saturday recording some kick ass back up vocals for a band/artist I used to perform with. I gotta tell you it felt so good. I didn't realize how much I missed singing and how fun it is. I always talk about how I can't do anything with my degree but I seem to forget that the majority of my life was spent in vocal performance training. Why did I stop doing that? I have no idea. But I'm looking for some opportunities to do some more. Not necessarily as a career but just to keep me sane.

In other news I'm going home for my birthday this weekend with Jason and I can't wait. I mean that. I honestly am having a hard time not just packing up and leaving this second. I usually weasel out a way to celebrate my birthday about 10 different times during the month of October so needless to say I'm feeling pretty excited about it being the 1st today. Plus I'll be 33 and that feels like a cool age. faithful blog readers will remember that 3 is one of my favorite numbers so 33 seems like a good omen...knock on wood. (I knocked on paper because there is no wood here at work. Paper used to be wood though so I should be covered.)

I dreamed I got orange and red sheets as a present. They were pretty awesome but flannel. I hate flannel sheets.

I think I need more calcium. I have white spots on my thumb nails. Doesn't that mean I need calcium?

My weekend was really great. Lots of time laughing hysterically and playing Wii and GH and then the aforementioned singing.

Still looking for a new job. Glad I have one in the meantime. I think.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sorry I can't come to the blog right now...

I'm very busy trying to change my life but will update more regularly soon.

Here is what I've been up to.

Taking pictures of Jason in wigs that Fred owns. That and changing my life.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I keep scaring Jason in the night. It's starting to really get seriously funny. I think it's because I am (despite my size) a quiet walker/mover arounder. It's literally happened three nights in a row almost. Poor Jason.

Anyway, I am super busy but wanted to remember that.

Tomorrow will be many pictures of my weekend funtimes.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Anyone Can Whistle...

especially my nose. I woke up sneezing. Literally. And I haven't stopped since. And then I got a nose bleed WHILE still sneezing and now my nose sounds like a sports fan or sexist construction worker every time I breath. Whhoooooot whoooo!!! Whhhoooooot whoooooo!!!

Jason has it too. I'm calling it The North Woods Flu. Coined!

It started with the urgent need to sleep then the sneezing.

I'm going home to bed in an hour.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Weekend and Lunch Today...In Cell Phone Pics

I spent the Day of Labor in Athelstane, WI. Basically the literal middle of the north woods of Wisco. It was great. Lots of relaxing and I even slept in a tent outside one night! AND heard coyotes!! It nearly gave this city girl a heart attack but Jason made it fun. Plus I think it was good for me. My spirit or something. Anyway here are some pics.

Jason trying to catch a musky. He never caught one but he sure looked cute trying. Plus there were a million boats out there scurrin' all our fish away.

ME! Fishing with a spinner rod! I learned from Jason's mom who is the master of the spinner rod. I did pretty well! Jason's dad even said I was inadvertently doing some "techniques". Not the first time I've heard THAT! ahhahahahahah Jusss kidding.

The tallest fire I've ever been that close to. You can see Jason backing away from it in the background.
Jason playing chess with his nephew. His niece is taking a picture of me taking a picture. She is a firecracker. We had a tic tac toe tourney that lasted an hour the next day. She won. This was my first time meeting them but they called me "Aunt Crescent" right away AND said that Jason and I were "definitely cool.". But it's not for me to say how awesome we are....
Now let's fast forward to my lunch today with my best friend Anne and her PERFECT baby girl. This baby sets the bar so high for baby awesomeness that I challenge ANYONE to not want a baby immediately after seeing her.
She thinks it's very funny when I yawn at the same time she does. I think it's very funny when she does pretty much anything, which you can tell by the stupid smile on my face in these pics.

'Twas a great weekend. Ready for another one.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things That Made Me Feel Better Last Night

I'm not feeling quiet so "on the ledge" as I was yesterday thanks to some small happy things. BULLETS!!!!!

  • Worked out and finished my book

  • Sitting outside while Jason grilled chicken and veggies

  • Made amends with a neighbor we pissed off months ago by "SHOUTing".

  • Pet a dog.

  • Both cats were snuggly.

  • Harvy Pekar was on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain

  • Jason sang a great song while he cooked that contained the lyric "Ohhhhh Aunt Jamima...I don't think you know me anymewwwr." He meant Mrs. Butterworth I think because he sang this as he added syrup to the beans, which was a delicious touch.

  • I still don't know what I'm going to do with my life but at least I decided to do something. I hear that's the first step or whatever.

  • Also it's been over two weeks since I've engaged in my worst social habit so I know I can do stuff. That's heartening.

  • I've narrowed my career path down to: Detective, Advice Columnist, Date Planner, Set Dresser/Art Director of Photo Shoots Like Jay from ANTM but with Less Make-Up and More Normal EyeBrows, Professional Back Patter, Housecat, Plus Sized Model, Blooper Reviewer orrrr Body Language Interpreter.

Here is a sample of my Art Direction. Matt K. was the chef and my assistant.

I call it......Salsa De La Mango or Cucumber Envy

Side Note: That jalapeno got on Jason's hands and then on his face and then on his contacts so he almost burned out his eyes. He had to get all new contacts. Fact.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Weekend Was In and Out of the Toliet...Much Like My Ipod

  • Friday night = fun, chill night at Fred's eating pizza rolls and drinking wine
  • Later Friday night = me getting up in the night to pee and forgetting my ipod was still on my person. As I lifted the lid on the toilet my ipod and headphones splashed into the toilet. I have no idea how they stayed on my body and in my ears (respectively) until that PRECISE moment though. My only guess is that somehow the ipod adhered to my chest or something.....that is a gross guess but the best I can do.
  • Saturday morning = making sure my ipod still works. It does. Then relaxing.
  • Saturday afternoon = get a call that my dad has been in a really bad car accident but is relatively okay. I had a minor panic attack and then bawled. He was in the ER for 5 hours and luckily, besides being very cut up and bruised he was given a clean bill of health. Thank GOD! So scary. If he'd been hit on the drivers side it would have been my worst nightmare. Literally. I talked to him yesterday and besides being shaken up and without a car he is okay. I shook like a leaf the entire conversation for some reason. Then cried again when I hung up.
  • Saturday night = waited for the "everything is okay call" from home once my dad was out of the ER. Went to a dance recital and spent the whole time wondering who the hell I am and what I'm doing with my life. Not in a depressed way, just really starting to wonder and panic a little.
  • Saturday night after the recital = Have a lovely walk to Eno (wine bar Jason used to manage) with Jason and our friend from NYC and his boyfriend. It was cool and Michigan Ave was hopping the conversation was light and tasty. It really helped clear my head a little. GET to Eno and there is an ambulance. They are taking someone out of Eno and it's a girl that works there that Jason is friends with. She is okay but seeing her crying in pain being carried out as we came in was upsetting to say the least. Once we all calmed down we had a really nice time and ate some fantastic cheese.
  • Saturday night after Eno = Our friend's Mom and her friends walked home (they are from here obvs) and Jason and I drove the same friend's 90 year old grandma home. She doesn't speak a lick of English but she was the highlight of my weekend. She's 90 and out with her son and his boyfriend having some wine and cheese and laughing and talking up a storm. She fell in love with Jason because apparently he looks just like her nephew, Max. I helped her out of the car when we dropped her off and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and hug in true Grandma style. I think I really needed it and maybe somehow she knew that or something. Or maybe she is just kissy, which is great too.
  • Sunday = Spent the morning with Jason relaxing. Jason leaves for a lunch I just wasn't up for. I walk to Fred's. Jason meets us there later. We watch tons of Flight of the Conchords. Get ready to leave. Plan to grab dinner on our way home. Realize we are too broke. Fred insists on us staying and we pull together a last minute grill out just the three of us. It reminded me so much of our college days. I needed that too. So thanks to Fred for feeding us at the last minute.
  • Pessimistic Conclusion = I'm feeling really lost these days and not saying it much because feeling that way seems like a waste of energy. I'm trying to put it all together and form a solution but keep getting stuck in my head. Do I want to perform? I think I miss it but not sure. Do I want to be a writer? Yes but I have so many doubts about my skills that it's holding me back. I'm holding myself back. With laziness and doubt. That is very lame of me and I feel like I'm running out of time. I want to do something that matters and that pays more and that makes me feel useful and happy but I also want money. I do. I'm not ashamed of it. I'm so sick of just getting by. I want new furniture and rugs and fluffy bedding so that if I still can't sleep at least I'll be comfortable.
  • Positive Polly Conclusion = My marriage is better than ever. My friends are so much fun and so sweet. My Dad is going to be okay. My Mom's new medicine is starting to take some of her pain away. I'm going on a fun trip up North with Jason this weekend to see his family in a beautiful part of the state. I have a job when I almost didn't. It sucks but I have one. Many many many people are going through such harder times and to wallow in some minor life confusion is actually pretty selfish of me and not my style.
  • Realistic Conclusion = I can't change how I'm feeling. I can change my path and need to trust myself enough to do that. Like now-ish.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So get this. I am on my way to winning over the new gang. It was so simple I should've thought of it sooner. I offered to do some of their work! I overheard them saying they were swamped and didn't have any help on Friday so I braced myself and turned around and said I would help with anything they needed help with.

Then one of them said "Wow. You are way nicer than (another dudes name). And you smell better."

After that I sneezed (I have a cold) and I got TWO, count 'em TWO, bless yous.

Phewww...that's a load off. Now I just have to try and add some more jaunty convo and I'm in. Sort of.

New Job/Old Job

So I'm finally back at work. In a new cube with new people. I am really weirded out by how shy I am sometimes. Once I'm not....I'm really not. But when I am new to a situation I totally clam up and/or say dumb things.
I was totally silent yesterday with my new department but I made a promise to myself to be more vocal today. Jaunty if you will. I even considered bringing an apple to attempt the dangerous, yet VERY effective Jaunty Apple Toss (patent pending) but wussed out.
Instead I sat down at my desk and then stood BACK up and said "Hey...guys.....I just saw Elliot Yamin leaving the building." silence. "From American Idol." silence. "The one with the jacked up teeth." back to work typing noises. "I didn't even watch that season but I just remember his face and all that."
I'm going to try again tomorrow.
Edited to add!!!! PROOOF!!!!
Meanwhile here are some cats of mine. I wish I could be home with them all day like last week. They would have really liked to hear about my Elliot Yamin sighting.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Turn of Events

First off sorry for the delay. I've been enjoying my week off and trying to stay off of the compy as much as possible. Jason and I have been having a blast just relaxing and stuff. I rearranged the cat room and did dishes and cut my nails....these are the things that make me happy.

Anyway, I did, indeed, get laid off on Monday along with a TON of the company BUT a few people with pull decided they didn't want me gone for some reason and found me another job in a different dept. It's not exactly what I want to be doing BUT it's better than eating hamburger buns for dinner AND it sounds like there might be something even better up the river...down the pike....whatever that expression is. So I start on Tuesday and will sit in new area but least I have a job.

I am really really lucky. I have no idea what I did to deserve all the help because I had come to terms with leaving then WHAM! extra niceness and support from the same folks that were in charge of the lay offs. Life is odd as a cod.....or a pike.


PS - a trillion and twelve thanks to all the kind words and support and champagne (I'm looking at you Gena) and the texts and calls and emails and everything. You guys are all so very excellent. I'm very lucky to have such great friends.

Friday, August 10, 2007


So it's not happening until Monday. Wheeee!!!! A whole weekend to be nervous! I am so happy. Whatever. My cousin is in town and I can't WAIT to see her. My friends rule. I've already got some good leads on jobs. My dad is the best. My sister is going through something so much worse which I'm not saying is good but it really keeps it easy to have perspective of how good life is even when there are bumps.

Tonight I plan to drink cans of beer.


Thursday, August 09, 2007


So I'm getting laid off either today or tomorrow. I'm not supposed to know but I figured it out and then got confirmation. I should be a detective, seriously. I'm so good at Nancy Drewing shit.

The worst part is just waiting for the inevitable. My stomach is a mess and my hands are freezing and my legs are in a constant state of numbness.

I know it will all be okay and quite possibly better but starting over is daunting. Thank God for my friends and Jason. He is doing everything right. Letting me bawl and vent, hugging me a ton and saving the good leftovers for me to eat. He is really the best.

And my friends that know are soooo sweet and supportive. That is the bright side of stuff like this. An extra kick in the ass to make a change in my life and the unecessary but well timed reminder of how loved I am.

barf. I just want it over with.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I thought it was a myth...MYTH MYTH!


Anyway, so I've heard for years this poppycrap about how exercise helps you feel less stressed and assists in the coping with stress. This sounded like a total bunch of hype made up by people with lab coats who eat wheat germ and carob or whatever.

Guess what though. It's totally true. Jason and I had our first official work out at the YMCA last night and I gotta tell ya....I was stressed OUT before hand due to work BS but 45 mins on the cardio and I felt clear headed and ready to get fit. I've never felt like that before. I slept great which is REALLY new to me and I felt.....wait for it.....good about myself. I guess these hippy doctor wheat germ freaks were right on many counts.

I honestly can't wait to get back there tonight! That is so unlike me I almost feel like I've been body snatched. Whatever works.

All this time I've been trying to eat a ton less to lose weight but all along I could have been working out AND not hating it! I mean I'll keep eating less of course but I had no idea there was something out there that would get me off the ledge that fast on a stressful day. Lovely!

What else. Oh work is weird today. Good thing I'm working out afterwards!

Would you like to see a picture? Well I don't have one today. But I'll try to find something to take a picture of tonight. Just try and hang in there until then. I'm open to suggestions.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Best Weekend Ever.

For real yo. I'm way cranky today because it was just that great that today HAS to totally blow by comparison. We had such a great weekend starting on Friday all the way through last night. Friday we did some serious Guitar Hero 80's jamming at Fred's. Then Gena and Sat showed up and Sat fronched the dog.

Saturday was Jason's b-day so we had a cook-out beach party. It was a blast. Except for Tyler. He almost ruined it with his GD Popsicle antics. Just kidding. Everyone was a pleasure.

Most importantly Jason had a blast. Just watching him play washers and grill hot dogs and throw the Frisbee made my summer. That boy loves a beach cook-out more than anyone I've ever had the luck to know. He was getting ready before we left and he said "I think today calls for my World's Greatest Grandpa t-shirt!" It actually says "This Is What A Great Grandpa Looks Like" and it's MY shirt but it was his birthday so I silently decided he could just have it. Then he couldn't decide between his signature railroad hat or his new Cubs hat. I reminded him that the railroad hat was, indeed, his signature and he agreed that was the best choice.

He slays me.
Anyway, here are some pics Gena took at the party. They are better than my cell phone pics so I'm stealing them.
Here is the birthday boy looking at some corn so good it might make him cry. I swear he was smiling like a goofball right before this, because that is NOT what a great grandpa looks like.

Fred & Sat. It appears Sat is asking for more corn. Fred appears to be rejecting his request.

Tyler & Fred. Fred only makes trades with others who are wearing striped shirts.

Gena & Sat are the only smarty pants that thought to bring an umbrella. Show offs.

Then yesterday Jason and I stayed home all day and I cleaned the living hell out of my apt. It felt so good. I even washed rugs. I realize normal people do this all the time but for me it was a great accomplishment. Then we got cleaned up and went to a SUPER delicious bistro and ate super delicious food. Then we came home and enjoyed our clean new apartment and went to sleep.

Now I'm mad because of work. And because I'm a damn whippet again. That is a test to see if you really read my blog every day or not. If you do then you know how much I hate being a whippit.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Baby...Can't We Give It One More Try?

That's what my vacation pictures just asked me. They also bought me flowers (a lilly and some did they know??) and a box of noodles with cheese on them. How could I resist?

Okay. One last try pictures. But we are on THIN ice lovah.
Here is me at the Ritz Carlton Eno drinking wine. My teeth look a little "i vant to suck your blahhd" but other than that I am actually pleased with this picture of me for once.

Here is Jason taking a picture of the sunset with our real camera on our last night. I love this picture of him for some reason. He just looks handsome and serene.

Here is my daily view at the pool bar. Those are my toes. They matched my swimming suit. There was an adult pool and kids pool. The only difference I could tell was that there weren't horrible spoiled screaming children in the adult pool and there was a bar and a cute pool boy and free towels....other than that they were exactly the same.

And finally this is the view of the ocean from our resort. I usually spent half the day at the pool and then when Jason would get done at 3:00 we would head down to the sea and swim. I lost my sun glasses in an undertow one day but it was worth it because it made me laugh so hard I almost drowned. hahahahah...sigh....good times.

I should have some better pics from my REAL camera soon but for now this will help you feel as if I brought you along under the plane in our kitty carrier...don't worry....we tranquilized you.

Pesto Chango!

I just dumped an entire dish of pesto veggie dip on our cubicle floor. Now it smells. Like pesto. Everywhere. It feels like it's in my nose forever. AND the reason the dish was full because I hated it and was going to throw it away. I threw it away alright.....up up and away.

It's because I'm dressed up. I hardly ever wear anything except jeans and t-shirts to work but today I felt like I should wear a damn skirt for once. That'll teach me. The universe can tell when I'm out of my element and makes sure to heap on an extra helping of putzfrites and spazioli on my motor skills.

I don't know what the hell is up with my pictures not posting here but my compy has been crappy all week so who knows. They aren't even very great pictures anyway. Just some sunsets and shots of me drinking wine. Nothing we haven't all seen a million times before.

What else. OH so Jason and I joined the local YMCA! We did a hand shake eye contact pact (those are legally binding in our marriage) that we were going to get into shape together. It's a relief actually. I needed a buddy but not a girl buddy. I am too insecure to compete with my own gender. Jason and I are both fond of some light, good natured chop busting so I think this will work out (ha!) well but without ending in hurt feelings and divorce. I'm going swimming tonight for the first time (at the Y. I've swam before people. I was almost world champion of swimming and water ballet at a very young age.....don't bother looking that up.....the records were lost at sea).

Here is a picture of Fred's boy feet in my girl shoes. Shoe Trade is one of our favorite games of all time. We've been playing it for years.

CRUD! This pic won't work either! Whatever. Just picture boy feet in my sandles. It's funny. I promise.

THERE! I fixed it. Here it is. I'm sure you've been on the edge or your seat praying this all worked out.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I HATE Vacations on the Beach!

Just kidding. We had a magical time and I wish I were back there in our fancy room drinking fancy wine and looking at the fancy ocean right now.

I have a tan for once so that's kind of cool in a pre-cancerous kind of way.

It's starting to itch. Are tans supposed to itch? Mine does. Or maybe that's just work.

Here are few pics.

Oh swell. It's not letting me add more pictures. What is that about? I'll fix YOU blog!!!!
Fix you good!

GD~!!!!! Something is wrong with my compy. Stay tuned for pics tomorrow.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Beach Beach Beach Beach

That's all I can think of. We leave tomorrow afternoon. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That's all I can say. I'm just so looking forward to tanning my fat areas to make them look thinner. I kid, I kid. "If you can't lose it, tan it." Hahahahha. Some lady at work told me they used to say that in the 80's a lot. I don't know if that's true but it cracks me up. Sadly since I am so fair skinned and prone to ER worthy sunburns I am going armed with two bottles of sunblock.

All I have left to do is pack, which should be colorful since I'm taking pretty much every clothing item I have just in case.

We have our company summer party today starting at noon so my vacation officially begins then. It's whirlyball again. Sooo much fun but I've got to be careful. Jason will kill me if I'm on crutches for this vacation.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yur A Peein' Zombies!!!

This is a short nightmare post. I dreamed that I was sitting on my couch working on some writing (yeah right) and I heard a water running noise coming from the other room. I went in there and a freakishly tall zombie was peeing BLOOD on my wall!!!!!! What do you say about THAT??? BUT it turns out that some big publisher or something saw it happening and realized it was in my dream and said he would pay me "upwards of 1 million dollars" for the idea. I don't think I really know what upwards means in that context but I pretended I did.

I've been reading a bunch of stuff on Italian horror movies even though I will NEVER EVER see any of them because of the gore, but for some reason I like to read up on stuff like that. Movie reviews and all that. Anyway, I'm sure that's why I had that dream. I woke up to every hair on my head standing up though, I'll tell you that much.

PS - This is a day of wonder and magic. I just realized that this is the first post I've ever had an error free spell check run on. Usually I have upwards of about 50 mispellings before I post but not today!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Shoot, I Score.

About a year or so ago I dropped a cashew down my cleavage and told EVERYONE because I thought it was so funny. Well it's not so funny anymore. Today I dropped one in there for the sixth time in about 5 months and said aloud to myself "OH for GOD'S SAKE Crescent!" (I sounded just like my mother too by the way, she said those words a lot as you can imagine).

Seriously though, that seems excessive. I don't drop any other nuts or berries or food stuffs down there. Just cashews. And as I eat them I can almost FEEL it happen before it does and it's like some crazy nuthin but net shot every time. Whoosh....right down the middle without even hitting the sides. Then I have to dig around in there and shake my shirt while hunched under my desk, hiding my nutty shame. The ironic thing is I can't make a basket, putt a golf ball into a hole, shoot pool or really make ANY kind of item in target EVER! But apparently I'm the Michael Jordan of cashew cleavage ball.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm A Damn Whippet.

I don't even get this but I do know I'm way behind on the game. I guess you guys can go in and answer questions about me and my daemon thing might change. Help me be a tiger or something cool, please. I don't wanna be a whippet. *sniff*

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

So glad we got to have such a fun night! I have amazing friends and you are certainly one of the best. This video is for you.....and eventually Elizabeth too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I get to go HERE!!!!

Good Lord. I can hardly keep my head on straight. So, Jason has been invited to this majestic resort in Laguna, CA (winks at know how extra excited I am, don't you dollface). He's going to be doing some training for a wine bar at this hotel and they are paying for BOTH of us to come out there for FOUR days!!!!!!!!! We have never been on a vacation together besides our honeymoon in Door County, WI (which was lovely, don't get me wrong) so this is truly the coolest news ever. We are both losing our minds with excitment. My plan between now and then is to stop eating and try to tan my Powder white legs. Oh and I need a swimming suit. And a couple sun dresses. And some shoes.
I am the luckiest girl in the land!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007


I don't know how this whole business started but this is today's office flashback video winner. Eva's pick. Try not to groove and jam. I am thinking of changing my middle name to 70's soft rock. Legally. It just feels oh so right.

I'll tell you what, David Pack has some flipping PIPES on him! He sings about "a wife" and what not but this album cover might tell a different story. Or maybe the bass player just had a few shooters before this photo shoot. I get huggy after shooters too.

I bet all their hair smells like Agree Shampoo. Sighhh.

Make a wish baby....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hot Tub Party Funtime Weekend!!

Jason and I spent the weekend in Madison at my oldest sister's house and enjoyed their new hot tub. It was the best. Here is the view from said hot tub if you put your head back.

Plus it was just a really wonderful visit with my sisters and brother in law and nephew and parents and Jason. It's been a long time since he's been able to join me on a weekend trip. I told him how glad I was to have him there because when I go by myself I have a great time, but am always a little homesick for him. My dad gave him his old GPS system for the car so we took an "alternate route" home. It took us through old timey Stoughton, WI so Jason found a radio station that was playing music from the 30's. It was hilarious.

Speaking of being homesick for Jason, I leave tomorrow at the butt-crack of dawn for NYC for work. I'll be there for four days so I'll miss J and the cats but at least I'll have Eva with me. We are both really excited to enjoy that city. I have been there a bunch but always get super excited stomach when I get to go back.

Before I "start spreading the news" I have two more pics from the weekend to hold you over until I get back.

This is Smokey (my sister's cat)squishing out of a laundry basket.

We picked Fred up on our way back into the city and we all went for lunch. We challenged Fred to create a gourmet looking plate with his dips and pita. Not bad for a first try! He was allowed to use anything on the table. The vinegar on the tomato didn't turn out how he'd hoped but none the less...pretty gourmet. Or almost.

He calls this piece "The Perfect Bite".

Friday, June 15, 2007

All You Can Eat Shrimp Saves the Day!

Jason had an off day yesterday too so we decided to go eat at Glen's Diner on Montrose. We get there and it's ALL YOU CAN EAT PEEL AND EAT SHRIMP DAY!!!! It turned it around for us. We started having the best time ever. Laughing hysterically at pretty much everything. Eating plate after plate of garlic shrimp and then finally made the brave decision to try the spicy Cajun shrimp. I had about two before it felt like my lips were going to fry off. But Jason persevered and truly ate all he could eat.

Here he is with his FingerBowl brand wet wipes and a mouth on fire. I told him to make a spicy face.


And here is our table looking like war torn Kosovo at the end of the meal.


My point is we had a really fun night and sometimes that's all you need to get out of a funk. At least it works for Jason and me.

Oh and I ended up having SO much fun that I left my purse on the chair and didn't realize it until I was trying to head out to work this morning. I had to work from home until they opened up at 11 this morning. But it was a nice little turn of events because I had the most relaxing morning and a nice walk and an empty air conditioned train ride into work....I really can't complain. THERE's something new!!! Ahhh...I think that means my whiny week has come to a close and I'm back to my normal "life is good" self.

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I don't know if it was that special on the Mayan doomsday calendar that I watched the other night (FYI we are all done for December of 2012 know get your affairs in order and stuff) or if it's really early PMS but I am just so.....ugh or blah or wahhhh or something. Feeling sorry for myself about nothing which annoys the piss out of me. I hate that quality in others and hate it even more when it sneaks up on me about twice a year. Everything is great and fine and good but something is just off inside me this week. I think the main issue is that I have no idea how to be what I want to be. Or maybe I'm not sure what that is yet or something. I want to write but I also want enough money to get a couch and some rugs. These seem like small things but they are indicative of bigger struggles inside I think. I kind of just don't want to be an assistant anymore. But I'm really good at it so here I sit...broken hearted...came to be a famous blogger but only farted. hahahahaha.....that kind of just cheered me up. Fart there ANYTHING they CAN'T do?

My good friend and co-worker, Eva, has been in the same boat kind of this week so that's actually been a great help. Yesterday one of the printers was beeping over and over and over and we had this exchange:

Eva - "Hey Guy, you're a doctor, right?"
Me (aka Guy) - "Not certified but yes. What's up?"
Eva - "Is there a disorder or illness that makes you want to kill someone when you hear repetitive loud noises?.....Or is that just mild depression?"

It cracked me up for a good hour. We decided it was the latter.

BUT I had a great time last night at Jason's softball game and have nothing to do tonight except relax and drink some wine on the porch so I'll snap out of it.

AND the guy next to me has the funniest sneeze ever. It sounds so angry. It rules.

PLUS it's Retro Music Video Thursday in my dept. and I won! The objective is to blow each other's minds with an old video from our childhoods. Here was my pick, which was just announced as the winner!

Here was the runner up which is also pretty rad:

and the bronze goes to:

All delightful memories. Okay I feel a lot better now.

Monday, June 11, 2007

8 things.

I hate mememememe's or whatever they are called. The name itself makes me feel car sick. But I'm also in a crappy mood so I'm extra negativo today.

Okay so Biddle asked me to do this meme and he is a friend so I'll comply.

8 things about your childhood that people don't know or something.

1. I never sucked my thumb or used a pacifier.
2. I cried whenever my Dad would talk about his travels because I pictured him alone and it bothered me. He was fine with it but one mention of him eating dinner and I would say..."Who did you have dinner with?" and he'd say "Nobody" and then I'd bawl my head off and they'd have to explain to me that he wasn't lonely on those trips. It made me mad at his job.
3. I was in a local runway show for O'shkoshbygosh which ended up being my first leg shave day as well.
4. I think I hold the national record for most goose eggs on my head in one season. I could list them all but I'm not going to. Just know they all were from me thinking I could do something I could not do. Result....giant goose egg.
5. I started up a protection service where I would walk home the smaller boys that had bully problems. I was bigger so the bullies left me alone and the wee boys got home safely. I did this free of charge but a lot of the guys would give me homemade cards or donuts as thanks.
6. The first time I tried a shrimp cocktail all the shrimp were totally uncooked but I didn't know they weren't supposed to be gray and didn't want to bother anyone so I ate two before anyone at the table noticed. They sent it back and I tried again that same night with cooked shrimp and have loved them ever since.
7. I drank half a bottle of Joy dish washing soap once. Nothing really happened except I got in a little trouble. And maybe my insides were streak free and spotless.
8. I had a giant birthday party for my favorite stuffed bear, Oliver, every fall when the first really windy day happened (that was how I knew it was his b-day for some weird reason). Like the kind where the wind actually howls. My parents let me take over the living room on those days and take the couches and chair cushions to make the party room.

Okay now I have to "tag" 8 people.
I tag:
Howard Jones
Whitney Houston
That's So Raven
the entire 79 Chicago Cubs (counts as one)
that annoying girl from the Welch's commercials
the cycles from CHiPs

Friday, June 01, 2007


I am not sure I've ever EVER taken such a bad picture but I was very very excited. Tracey the cat looks great though. In spite of her illness she's very photogenic. God. I can hardly even look at this picture....I look so very...special. I always flip my lid over celebs but Party of Five was like my everything during college and Bailey was my main man. PLUS after this picture was taken we all went out and he and his wife are so sweet and real and smart and great. I know I've said that already but, again, I'm a little excitable ever since that trip.

man. I'm obsessing about the badness again. The thing that really blows is the fact that I looked super cute that night and had just discovered via a friend's scale that I've lost 15 lbs. BUT I was all freaked out and it was freezing in L.A. so I had to wear my gross sweatshirt over my cute shirt and if I just had remembered how giant my face looks when I smile that big I would've held back a little.....dammit. I am reverse vain or something. I'll try and let it go in 3......2.....1. Done.

Have a good weekend little ones!

Thursday, May 31, 2007


That's right. We got a car. How adult are we? Very is the answer. Very adult.

So my jet setting May is finally done and I get a few weeks of recovery to prepare for the big NYC trip at the end of June. I'll do a quick re-cap.

Philly - Thought I would be bored but I loved it! Beautiful buildings, nice people, delicious beer. This is the only picture I think I have of Philly sadly. Oh no wait! I have more. Please hold (Rainy Days and Mondays Muzak version plays)......okay found them!

So this is a cool old graveyard.

This is my favorite Philly pic. It's a cool bunch of buildings in the South Street hood.
Okay on to Dallas.
Dallas was the friendliest but hardest to get around and hardest to find a sundries stores ala CVS/Walgreen's/Target.
The Book Depository was for sure the high light. That and a bar called Lee Harvey's. I don't feel like uploading those pictures. It was fun though.
L.A.! Loved it but never need to live there unless I'm crazy rich.
The highlights were seeing my BFF, Andrea and meeting her co-stars from the play she's in. Fat Pig was the play and it was wonderful. Scott Wolf was in it and we hung out all night! He AND his wife (from the New Orleans Real World) and Chris Pine (Just My Luck/Smokin Aces) and the rest of the crowd were all so smart and sweet and fun. I had the time of my life. And so did Tracey the cat. I'm thinking about starting a blog just for her but you can see some of her pics here.
Oh great. My pictures aren't posting all of a sudden. Now you don't believe me do you. I will try again later. But I swears I met Scott Wolf. Ask him.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


So today is Jason's last day at his current job. The hours were insane and we never saw each other and all of a sudden a new oppotunity and career path opened up to him so he took it. He's nervous and we still need to get a car (it's a wine sales job so a car is a must) BUT I think he's excited too even if he won't admit it.

Selfishly I'm excited because I get to have him around again during the week AND on weekends!!! I can't remember the last time we had our weekends off together.

He has 13 days off starting tomorrow. I'll be missing a lot of those due to my crazy jet setting life style this month but it's going to be so cool to come back from L.A. and have him HOME on a Saturday night!

This post is kind of boring but I just wanted to say way to go Jason on trying something new and knowing when something old isn't working. Change is always weird and nerve wracking but mostly it's exciting and new. Like the Love Boat. (hahahah I typed "Love Bat" the first THAT would be some good television)

*That picture is of Jason in his work clothes trying to get in a quick song or two on Guitar Hero. His cab was literally waiting outside when I took the pic.*

Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm it.

I think this is called a meme which I say like this: meah meah. Anyway I have to do it.

A. Available or Single? No. That question is confused and I'm married.

B. Best Friend? Jason and Freddy and the Katzfey's

C. Cake or Pie? I don't really like either. I know I know I just don't. I like angel food cake every now and then. but not that much.

D. Drink of Choice? iced tea or chardonnay

E. Essential Item? Tide Stain Sticks and my insurance card

F. Favorite Color? Orange

G. Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms.

H. Hometown? Stevens Point, Wisconsin

I. Indulgence? everything

J. January or February? February just because it's closer to spring

K. Kids? not yet but I want one soonish!

L. Life is incomplete without - hysterical laughing

M. Marriage Date? Jason was my date to my marriage.

N. Number of siblings? 2 older sisters

O. Oranges or apples? Oranges because they smell awesome

P. Phobias/Fears? frogs and toads. *SHIVER!!!*

Q. Favorite quote? "Waiter! That mustachioed gentleman is eating my soup!" Jason said that out of the blue to no one in particular the other morning and now it's our new favorite quote because it makes no sense in any universe.

R. Reasons to smile? Guitar Hero and Jason and seeing my family this weekend and my sister's new hot tub and I get to leave at 11 today and have Monday off!

S. Season? I love them all but fall is my favorite

T. Tag Three. TAG - Let's play four square instead

U. Unknown fact about me - I have to hold a piece of my hair to fall asleep. I mean while it's still on my head. It's not like I have a bag of hair that I cuddle with.

V. Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? recovered vegetarian

W. Worst habits - relaxing too much

X. X Rays or Ultrasound? I've had tons of both. I glow in the dark.

Y. Your Favorite Food- spaghetti...I miss the days of eating giant bowls of noodles....sigh.

Z. Zodiac- Libra

Now that THAT'S over with I think my favorite moment of the spring happened last night. Jason and I had Matt and King over for some Guitar Hero and while I was jamming on a song I'd never heard of King said to Jason "Crescent is really good at Guitar Hero. I was not expecting that."

Monday, April 30, 2007

Olivia Newton-John and I talked last night....

in my dreams! Literally in my dreams, not like " your DREAMS Crescent you liar!!!". We've been a little obsessed with her lately at work after three of us in my dept. discovered we were all die hard fans of hers as children. Joe said that he spent a majority of his youth convinced that he and O.N.J. would someday be wed. Eva went through a very long and serious head band phase after seeing the Physical video and I used to force my mom to call me Sandy OR Olivia while I paraded around the house in a short sleeved black leotard that I would alternate the sleeve position on to indicate whether I was "good Sandy" or "bad Sandy". Every time I lowered the shoulders down a few inches I would announce the arrival of Bad Sandy by yelling "Tell me about it....STUD!".

Anyway, we've been listening to (and singing) Make a Move On Me and Magic via YouTube over and over and over. It keeps us sane and drives our non-fan co-workers into early departures and extra coffee breaks.

So, last night, I dreamed that I got to have a nice little sit down with a Xanadu era Ms. Newton-J. She was all fadey and soft looking like when they put Vaseline on lenses to make the elderly women on Dynasty look like 20 year olds.

I started the convo with "You know I recently watched Grease again and that was actually a really sucky movie." She agreed. Don't get me wrong...that was DREAM me. REAL me thinks Grease is NON-sucky and kept me company during my single digit years.

I don't remember much else except that she was really nice and seemed to like me even though I dogged on Grease. I do remember having the "talk" about the sad decline into stupidity that is John Travolta and how I loved him as much as I loved her until he decided to love on Zenu....or Xenu...whatever that fake alien thing is that L. Ron talked people into paying for or something.

My point of this post is this. I have also been experiencing some light to moderate baby fever these days and started going through my baby name list that I've known for years. My number one girl name is Olivia. Funny thing is, until this Newton-John resurrection this past month I didn't even put it together that I probably love that name because of her.


In conclusion, here is a video I wish I'd made. It actually made me tear up a little. Again, I say, typical.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Otter Watch This.

this, for some reason, restores my faith in the world. Not that I didn't have any before but's just sooooooooo precious!!! I can't take it.


Jason and I and some friends were out getting overserved last Thursday night. We were walking from bowling to some bar or another when Jason and I decided to have a chase, throw things, kick fight. I was laughing too hard for most of it to be any kind of worthy foe to him, but I did get to utilize the entire box of dental floss that was in my bag. It was quite beautiful actually. Kind of like ribbon dancing only smaller. I forgot all about it until I was walking down Lincoln on Saturday and saw the carnage of our floss war.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I love notes.

This is a pic of my notes collection. It's more of a triad than a collection but it's going to grow into something magical, I just know it. My co-worker Joe always wants to go for coffee towards the end of the day so a group of us usually make a Starbucks run around 3:00. One day we totally spaced and forgot to tell him. When I got back to my desk there was a note on my chair that said "You went to Starbucks? I'm hurt. Sadly (then sadly is crossed out), Sadly, Joe." It's become our favorite joke over in my area. At least once a day one of us says..."Sadly....(then we make a cross out noise) Sadly, Joe." It's so not funny to the outside world but man it kills me still.
So then yesterday I sent Joe some pictures I had taken of a booth layout at a tradeshow for some graphics stuff he's doing and the photos were horrible due to my crap camera (Jason found it in a cab 3 years ago so what do I expect?). Joe was laughing hystercially and I told him not to hurt my feelings (jokingly) then I went for coffee without him. When I got back a napkin was on my chair "Crescent, I'm sorry about my photo comments. Sorry, (crossed out) Sorry, Joe."
I love office antics and private jokes. Even though I just made this one sort of public.
PS - The yellow note says "I am the last can standing". It was on a can of LaCroix water a few months ago and it cracked me up. I have a weak constitution for puns and word play.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

camera phone.

I'm super crazy busy at work these days but here are some pics to hold you over. You being Matt. Hi Matt!
Here's me with my Hot Fuzz advance screening ticket. That movie was one of the funniest I've seen EVER! Take THAT!

Fred and Douglas. Making their Mii faces.

my messy cube at work and what looks like a floaaaaating basket!!!!! I've cleaned since then.

crap. time for more work. more pics tomorrow maybe.



Thursday, March 22, 2007


Margaret has tagged me to tell six weird things about myself. This is my first game of blog tag and I'm going to try and get it right. It's hard keeping up with this bougey blogging society. Bunch of fancy weirdos.


1. I hate shopping and trying on clothes and avoid it at all costs but I do like having new things. So I impulse buy a lot to get it over with.

2. I love escargot and mussels but get very easily grossed out by chicken. I'll eat it but it better be almost burnt or I get the gags.

3. I have to really talk myself out of feeling emotion about inanimate objects. Like I just got a new cell phone and I ALMOST got teary eyed about taking the SIM card out of the old one. I cry when I sell cars too. I swear I'm not insane I just associate times and people and places with objects sometimes and can't let go. Okay, maybe I spoke too soon on that insane thing.

4. I kinda like the smell of skunk (not on me but in the air), gas (see previous parenthetical comment) and cow manure (again....not air).

5. I've never camped.

6. My third memory is of drinking Lemon Joy out of a bottle in front the sink.

PS - I have some very exciting news. Oh wait...I already told it in item 3. I got a new phone. but guess has a caaaammmmera!!!! This blog is about to come with more pictures! Bad ones, but still. Probably mostly of my cats or bars.

Here's one to get you started.
My adorable tabby Calaban (I call him Calafat, but it doesn't hurt his feelings I swear). Ugh. That pillow looks way dirtier than it is. Still...I need new sheets. Although that blanket rules. One of my best friends made it and on the other side it's supposed to have the word "meow" all over it because I like hearts and cats, but she attached it backwards so the other side says "woem" all over it. We love it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Well, we were just another band out of Boston....

Brad Delp, the lead singer of Boston died this weekend. One of my favorite bloggers, Crabbydad, wrote a great entry about this today The entry coupled with the video and song at the end actually made me teary eyed.

My oldest sister is ten years older than me so I grew up listening to Boston, Journey, Forigner, Eddie Money, etc. when all the other kids were listening to Disney albums because they were 5 years old. My sisters wouldn't have that though. I got to spend most of my summer days with them since we were all off school listening to their music and I loved every minute of it. (another great song). I suppose to them it was babysitting, in fact I'm sure it was, but to me it was the coolest thing ever. We would "lay out" on sunny days and Jacy would set up the reflector matt and we'd use baby oil on our skin and lemon juice in our hair. Healthy. I would lay there and listen to them sing along with the radio and mimic their every move. They added more lemon juice then I added more lemon juice. They turned over, I turned over. They said a song "totally made them feel sad" and I would cry too.

Even better than lay out days were rainy/thunderstorm days. That was when we would wash our hair in the spilloff from the gutter. It sounds weird and gross but it was the best. We would put on our swimming suits and take turns washing and conditioning with Agree shampoo. Wow. Agree....that takes me back too. Anyway, then we would dry off and come inside and watch t.v. for the rest of day or every now and then they would dress me up and put tons of make up on me just for fun. I loved those days. They feel so faint now most of the time since I'm 32 today and I was 5 then. But the one thing that brings them back the hardest and fastest is music. Boston is one of those bands.

I suppose now is the time that these old rockers are going to start dropping off the sphere more and more now that I'm older, but it won't feel less sad I don't think. It's not like I knew the's just that his songs and voice were a wonderful resonant part of my childhood and first introductions to music and how much I loved it.

So I'm going to copy Crabbydad now and post a video that takes me back to those times. It's a little closer to my teen years but still one of my favorites. For years my "play name" was Amanda just so I could pretend this song was about me. And yes I did that with Beth by Kiss as well.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Fall Has Fell!

Oh my god this weather is making me INSANE! I just went outside for about 5 mins and considered not coming back to work. Alas, I was sick this week so I had to. Boring. This is a boring post. (robo voice)

Well I will say this. I am 99% sure that I appreciate nice weather more than anyone.

AND we got our bonus checks today. I'm trying to resist the urge to go online and buy everything ever made. I AM going to hit Anne Taylor Loft after this birthday cake thing in the conf. room and am going to get a shirt that fits. The sweater I'm wearing is molting and too short.

AND I think this week will be the week Jason and I finally get a real life bed! Our futon days are almost over. I hope we don't grow apart from each other due to all the extra room we'll have at night! I doubt it. We'll probably still sleep right in the middle with the two cats at our respective sides but at least we'll be doing it on an actual matress. I predict less insomnia for me and earlier bed times for Jason.

AND....I should be writing a City Guide on Milwaukee right now but I ain't. That's right. I AIN'T!

Love and balmy temps,

Monday, February 26, 2007

It's My Turn....Though I Don't Have All The Answers....

Sigh. I need to purchase Mahogany. That movie really does it for me. Or at least the soundtrack.

So today feels oddly important to me. First off, it's the last night of Impress These Apes and even though I'm probably going to remain in last place I have learned so much and really have had a fun time. I needed to get back on stage a little. It fills something up inside me that normally is empty.

I'm going into tonight relaxed and happy with my final act. It will be a good night I think.

Also, I just had my annual review and talked very openly with my boss about moving forward as a writer here. He was so supportive and really shook off some of my hesitation about just diving in and moving forward.

AND I've finally started my exercise routine again and have lost 4 more lbs. I'm ready to kick that in the ass too. I'm not going into this summer feeling horrible about myself. No way. I'm done with that.

All of these things together and separate have created this perfect storm of motivation and confidence that I really haven't ever had. I tend to be a little too meek and mild for my own good when it comes to changing my life. I'll do it, but the no guarantee thing always makes me nervous in the service. But honestly...I feel like I'm outgrowing that need for certainty. I think I'm ready to just get stuff done and not hold myself back so much.

This very well may be the lamest post ever. Sorry. I just needed to get that all out somewhere.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Jason!

(this picture is from two Christmas's ago at my parents when Jason put on all his gifts at once and my mom still talks about how funny that was to her.)

Happy Valentine's Day to my husbo, Jason. What a crazy time we've had so far. You make me laugh harder than anyone ever has and even though I sometimes say I don't like it when you say my name over and over and over and over and over....I secretly do. Plus, I meant it when I said you have the same butt since college.

(singing R&B style) You are my mean the world to're the only thing that matters.....matters to me....OH baby baby baby bayyybayyy.....
(end singing)
I love you so so soooo much dude,
Crescent Tay

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snowbody Knows....

You's not the snow of a blizzard that is the's the drifting. I love snow storms, but only if I can home and warm and dry. As it stands I'm at work and chilled and my pant legs are wet.

BUT no one is here but my favorite co-workers so we are enjoying our warm office and having kind of a fun work day.

I hate this blog entry right now. I'm trying to force myself to say something here because it's been so long since I updated it but I'm dry. ('cept for my pant legs)

OH! Here's a small something.

I had a dream last night that someone broke my wrist on purpose. It was so real and awful and hurt so much. THEN later in that dream I was marrying my old college boyfriend (yarg! (that's not his name...that's the feeling he gives me)). Anyway, he was nicer in the dream but was trying to get me to be more responsible. We had lots of money in the dream so I wasn't working and just sat around most of the time. As he was lecturing me he was taking me around the house and itemizing everything that I'd, electronics, candles and stuff. Then he realized that everything was from the library! Everything had that library card and stamp thing that shows it's checked out. I opened my shirt and it was on my stomach too! I was from the library! What the hell does that mean?????

I'll ask my mom. Maybe I'm just feeling a little checked out these days or something although I don't think I am actually. I'm doing a lot and feeling pretty ambitious. So who knows.

I think it would be sooo funny if I did have an ex-boyfriend named Yarg. I would tell everyone and we would laugh.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Sleep Numbers

Jason got home really late from work last night and came right to bed. The conversations we have as we are falling asleep are so funny to me and some of my favorite moments of my day.
Last night went like this:

Jason: Dude...I had a really great time with you the past two nights (his nights off of work).
Me: Me too was lovely.
Jason: I'm scared I'm not tired. I need Mr. Monster in here. (that's what he calls one of our cats) Oh Mr. MONSTER.....Come in here dude......(cat comes in and of course sits on MY shoulder with his butt towards my face and his tail hitting me in the mouth every two seconds.)
Me: Jason...this isn't comfortable.
Jason: But he loves you! Listen to how hard he's purring!
(I roll over and the cat leaves)
Jason: Way to go!
Me: I'm sorry but my back gets sore sleeping on this stupid futon enough without an 800 pound cat on me too.
Jason: My sleep number is four. (except he likes to say that word "fewor" for some reason. it cracks him up.)
Me: We don't have sleep numbers J.
Jason: My sleep number is feworty fewor.
Me: If we ever end up on a game show where they seperate us and then ask what the other person's favorite number is we will totally win because I KNOW yours with be 44.
Jason: Or fewor.
Me: We'd better decide now.
Jason: Just fewor I think. What is your favorite number?
Me: Eight.
Jason: WHAT???! No way.
Me: Yes..that is my favorite number.
Jason: I know why.
Me: Why?
Jason: Because it goes around and around and around and around.
Me: That's right. And 3 is my second favorite number because it's half of that.


Jason: I don't even know you anymewor.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


My was....SPOT ON! I'm in shock that I was right about something for once.
So last night, three of my dearest friends came over and helped me and Jason FINALLY get our new apartment cleaned and organized and even.....brace yourself...decorated! It looks soooo great! I've actually never lived in such a great looking place unless you count my parents house which is REALLY great looking.

Anyway, I was dreading it and it ended up being a fun time! Jason played some great CD's and we sang and drank good wine and ate good pizza. All the while whipping that pad into some serious shape. I meant to take pictures but I think I went blind from glee.

I am now running on almost empty since I couldn't sleep the night before last due to my basic insomnia and worry over getting the apartment done and then I couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited.

I feel like a new person today. I can't wait to go home tonight and watch Angel, Season 2 in my clean and cozy home!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....i'm still a little wound up.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm A Great Date.

So last night was Jason's first night off in a loooong time and we decided to go have a nice dinner at Fiddlehead Cafe (go eat's great). Well everything was fine until I said SOMETHING that made my own self cry and I couldn't stop. What the hell is THAT about? It's not's not is good! I just am so sensitive lately. I hate it. My theory, for now, is that it's because my apartment is a mess from the move still and since my friends are coming over tonight to help me clean it up for a baby shower I'm throwing on Saturday I feel like maybe that will help? Maybe? Is that what this is? Or is it just winter?

The only way I can explain it is that I feel like an ass a lot lately or like I'm embarrassed more than normal or something. And not funny, wacky Crescent embarrassed, but the kind that makes you feel like a huge tool the next day and gives you a stomach ache. I'm just kind of down on myself in general.

I told two of my best friends about last night via text and they both said pretty much the same thing.

Text from Fred: You're bottling shit up again, Guy. (he calls me guy)
Text from Anne: Oh sweetie....I'm not surprised with all you've been holding in.

So I ask myself, "Self? Why can everyone else see when you are in need of a release of my emotional toxins but I can NEVER feel it coming myself? Self?? Answer me!!!" Alas I have no answer. I guess it's just the way that I am and that's okay really. I figure if I have a weird, really poorly timed sob fest once every half a year or so I'm doing pretty well.

It just frustrates me to be living such a great life and still get upset like that sometimes. That seems selfish and weird but I suppose it's just the way it goes.

Oh, and the crying happened between the risotto and the sturgeon and was all wrapped up by the time we got home. So date night wasn't a total wash by any means. I'm just still embarrassed. Poor Jason didn't know what to do. Ugh. I sooo need to invest in a time machine or something. I hate reflecting sometimes.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Darn it.

I had a great dream to tell you about and I thought about it the whole train ride to work along with another important nugget of wisdom that occurred to me...but guess what? All gone. Zapped from my pea brain because the first hour and half of work was like some sort of whirlwind of people needing my help. And with that help I've lost all memory of my important and funny things to say.

They will come back to me. I'll smell something or say something or see something or hear something that will trigger me back to the dream, but for now's Friday!

and um....I'm going out for a girls night!

and....OH! Jason woke up asking for a piece of licorice this morning. (not a sexy euphemism either...actual licorice.)

I told him we didn't have any right now and he said..."Oh no...."

It was pretty adorable. He's extra cute when he's sleepy. I miss him. BUT starting next week he will actually have TWO whole days off a week so we'll get to hang out more thankfully!

Okay. I will keep trying to remember my other important dream/thoughts and will post them later.


Friday, January 12, 2007


Sorry about the lateness of this post. I've been really sick with a month long cold from hell. I sound like a muppet today, whatever that means.

Anyway, the opening night went well. I remembered all my lyrics and the audience seemed to like it. I didn't score very high but there are 7 more weeks for me to up my points.

You can watch all the vids of everyone's performance from that night here....

Also, we got a nice review in The Chicago Reader!

Now if I could just breath maybe I could work more on next week's challenge....stand up comedy. Triple yipes man.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Overture, curtains lights.....

So it's opening night of my show. Impress These Apes. I'm excited and nervous and horse and have new clothes and a new hair cut and can't wait and will be glad when it is done.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the video of my song that I wrote and performed with my egg shakers. Lord help us all.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Gloves & Bugs

This is me on prom night. 1992. I can't believe I wore gloves.

Anyway, I just needed a picture and that one makes me laugh.....and miss big hair and my skinny arms.

Tonight is my best friend, Fred's, 32nd b-day party. We are going to a big divey karaoke bar and are leaving right from work. I wore these great super high awesome black boots that I just bought a few weeks ago, but alas, by noon my feet were screaming for help. So I went to Payless and got some more sensible shoes.

man. blogging every day is hard.

sigh. um.....OH!

I dreamed about a swarm of mosquitoes in my face last night.

Have a great weekend!

it'll be better on Monday. I promise.