Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving on....

Did I mention Jason won us a trip to Italy? Or earned I should say. He sold a scrillion bottles of wine and the owner of the winery is rewarding him with a trip. to....ITALY. I'm so excited I could barf.

I'm trying to learn some basic Italian but the only phrase I can remember is "me chiamo...Crescent". My name is Crescent. I told Jason I'm going to say that at the end of every interaction like a catch phrase.

"No hablo you have many noodles? Me chiamo....Crescent."

" you have Rolaids for sale? Consumame many noodles. Me chiamo...Crescent."

Also on the itinerary (which was all in Italian) I realized I was listed as Mr. Crescent Prah. We had it changed but the other night we were talking in bed when J got home from work and he said "So...we will arrive in Italy the day before??" and I laughed and said "No honey. We don't travel back in time." and he said "you better stay fresh* or I'm gonna take MR. Crescent Prah instead of you." Gave me the giggles something fierce.

The goocher is that when I went to England for semester abroad in college my train pass said "Mr. Crescent Allen".

Imagine if I was a dude named Crescent. I would be a weirdo. Gauranteed. Lucky for everyone I'm a lady weirdo which is much easier to deal with.

*Fresh in Jason speak means everything from cool to polite to weird. In this instance he meant it as not a smart ass.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The bliss of normal

The peace of going into a summer feeling as good as I do and knowing my Mom and Aunt are on the mend is like a vacation to a tropical island without the malaria or umbrella drinks. And let's face it...both of those can be arranged if I'm so inclined.

I was delighted by my second healthy and normal cycle this month. And by delighted I mean almost stabbed a few people for eating too loudly and cried just thinking about a dog getting a bath in a sink. You know...a good healthy dose of PMS. It was great. I love it! I'm serious. The pain of living life and just plain ol being a woman again is simply magical to me. I have energy, my head is clear, my scalp is covered with wonderful crazy curly hair. Although I have to say, I'm not nuts about the cramps part of this womanly magic. They are pretty rough. Feels like a million evil trolls (redundant...ALL trolls are evil) are hacking away at my insides with tiny evil tools of troll evil.

My point is the normal is just such a gift right now. I know it won't last. Life keeps happening. Worries abound. Bad things show up when you least expect, but for now...springtime....I'm going to just enjoy the day. Smell some trees, maybe pickle some things (spoiler alert: I probably won't but will mention it a lot and say "i really should try that"), spend time with my friends and family and just breathe in the lazy and lovely air.

seriously....why do these make me cry???