Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i know i know

Cancer goes away and I am all radio silence. Truth is I'm just really busy and happy and writing something big elsewhere.

Italy. Ohhhh Italy. You were blazing hot but so very very fun. We couldn't have asked for better travel friends. Jerry and his sister (Jenny SIZZLAHHHH...not really) were dreamboats. We spent every moment but sleep with them and were still totally sad to say good-bye. Even though we saw Jerry like the next day.

I ate many a noodle, my friends. Many a noodle. I fear I shall never know noodles like that again but I will continute to dream.....and remember.

Ciao bella.....ciao. *sniff*

Oh yeah we met the Pope. By "met" i mean "saw" and "received a blessing from" "in a crowd of thousands". It was pretty cool though.
he's the wee man by the red draping in the teeny window.