Monday, October 17, 2005

Grammatical Stress Disorder....

My mother, has put the fear of god into me about grammar and spelling in this blogging business I've embarked on...into....into which I have embarked have I?? Oh god! NO! That's all wrong! Or is it wrongly? CRAP!!!! It's starting again.... I'm sweating and short of breath.
I need to lie....lay.........recline post hats.....HASTE! Whoa....I don't feel so.......good.....I mean WELL!!!


I kid of course. Sort of.

She spotted, a pretty unforgivable error in an earlier post that I have since corrected so now I got the G.S.D.* somthin' fierce.

I must remember.......she's out there.......watching....waiting. She's got my number....has my her possession my number is

*G.S.D. has not yet been acknowledged by the A.M.A. as an actual disorder......yet.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I love moments that feel like they were written by a hack sit-com writer except that they're real and happening to you.

Last night my husband and I were doing our usual...."I don't care....what do you want for dinner?" back and forth but this time we started playing a light game of catch with his new baseball during the debate.

After the dining decision was made the catch game continued and I said...

"You know I really love playing catch. It's kind of relaxing. Andrea and I used to do this for hours on rainy days in London with our stuffed animals."

My husband asked..."Why stuffed animals?" and tossed me the ball which proceeded to smash into my mouth instead of my hand. That answered his question.

Monday, October 10, 2005

losing weight....or trying to....or knowing you should....

I had a really wonderful 31st birthday with my family and husband this past weekend. We ate and drank and laughed a ton. I even found out that I'm kind of good at throwing a softball! Kind of.

I also stumbled, literally, across a scale in the basement of my sister's house. I knew I'd gained a few pounds as of late, but it's due to being happy. I eat when I'm happy unlike many weight afflicted people who eat when stressed or sad. Not me. The better I'm feeling about my life....the better friends I am with food.

That's not really that big of a deal to me honestly.....I'm a little glad I'm like to eat a hearty meal now and then...not the type to obsess about a little belly roll or two.....BUT if I was going to stick with my Waistline-may-care attitude I should NOT have stepped on that scale.

I will not tell you what the scale said. That is between the scale and me. I will tell you that it was accurate. I tested it with a weight from my sister's dumbbell set. I will also tell you that I must either wear it well OR be blissfully unaware of my current girth and width and more girth.

Regardless, I have control over this and am going to take it. Eating better I can do. I like healthy foods...I know what they are and where they are. What I'm a little dicey on is...*shudder* exercise.

I am sore from the aforementioned softball throw...singular. I threw one ball and am sore. I walk all the time, but I'm afraid the kind of working out I need to do goes a little bit beyond the stroll to the local tavern for a burger and pint.

I know where and how to work out, but it's gonna get ugly before it gets pretty.

However, it will be worth it and I figure by writing it on my blog I'll be less likely to back down this time. Plus I really want to feel in shape. I think.

I'll keep you posted.....after my....*sigh*...banana and melba toast......singular.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Our receptionist didn't show up today. No one noticed this until I came up to cover her lunch shift.

She started Monday and already has a day off? What gives?

So let's good thing about working reception on the day before my birthday......

The Office Supply store rep. came by to bring "the new receptionist" cookies to welcome her aboard. Very nice guy....(know him from the orientation when we switched to his company from another). He said since I was nice enough to cover for her I could have the cookies.

I unstapled the bag and had one cookie (there were four) and got nervous and restapled the bag. I feel weird eating someone else's welcome food.

but the one cookie was a nice afternoon treat. Even though it gave me the guilts.