Friday, August 26, 2011

I Wrote a Farticle!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Typical Day of Gchatting with Fred

Crescent: i have that target song in my head
Demin....graphic tees, hoodies and denim

Fredrick: shut it

Crescent: hahahaha
i love that ad

Fredrick: shut it

Crescent: hahah
leggins and tunics

Fredrick: CRESCENT

Crescent: hahahah

(a little later after a discussion about the guy on Real Housewives committing suicide)

Crescent: well he had many reasons
mostly that he was going broke and was a douchey wife beater.

Fredrick: ah i see

Crescent: hahaha I keep doing print screens for this project and every now and then your little face is in the corner from this chat.
it's killing me.

Fredrick: love it

Crescent: i've had to crop you out like five times.
it's slaying me for some reason
especially because it shows up so tiny.
like last time it was you saying "ah I see"
under a lean cuisine ad

Fredrick: perfection!

Crescent: it looks like you are a little ad commenter. like it's part of it
"Lean Cuisine. Ah. I see."

Fredrick: hahahahaha.

Crescent: and that's totally how everyone feels about lean cuisine. "ah. i see. i'm fat and need to eat this. ok."

Fredrick: hahahahahahaha

Crescent: hahahahahah
oh man.
that was a rich 6 minutes.

Fredrick: glad i could help

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Slow Dancing

So Jason is out of town until SUNDAY! I'm going nuts. He's like my best hang out buddy ever. Yes I realize I shouldn't announce I am alone for the week but I carry two deadly concealed weapons. My fists and my kicks to the FACE! YAH!!!

Anyway, I'm glad I love him enough to miss him this much. I'm even more glad that he's having such a great relaxing vacation up north with his folks.

I'm making a mix of songs I like to slow dance to. In the process I've realized that these two are the greatest slow dance songs of all time. I damn near grab the closest broom or cat and start swaying gymnasium style the second both of these start.

you have to watch a stupid ad first. but it's worth it for the slow jamz.

another stupid ad first.