Thursday, March 01, 2012


That means CALM DOWN. Which I can't do. Because I am going to Mexico with my hermanas and brother in law and amore' on Sunday.

We are staying HERE!!!!!

Come on. Do you SEE all those swimming pools and do you SEE all that ocean? It's no secret that water is sort of my favorite thing in the world and that swimming is the only sport-type thing I love to do.

I also like to drink margarita's with my sisters on a BEACH!!! OH and I also like getting a massage at a spa even though I've never done it before but am going to in four days!

Um and oh yeah, I ALSO like being with my husbo for four whole days in a ROW!

I was up all night last night with happiness stomach flips. I have so much work to finish up but am all out of focus. My sunglasses and black dinner dress just arrived and it spun me back into crazed excitment mode.

I am trying my best to reign it in. I'm currently drinking a tea with the word "Calm" on the bag with the hope it has magic powers. So far it just tastes like roses and Splenda.

I'm going to plan to have a Diet root beer around 4pm as a treat to keep my mind off of things. Here's hoping that will work.

I will take loads of pictures and report back in two weeks.

nos vemos más tarde retoños! (see ya later suckaz!) I don't think you're suckaz, you guys. I just like the way it translates.

lo siento por el comentario de los retoños