Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Lists

I am crying laughing at how great my family is right now. Every year the funniest part of the holiday for me is reading everyone's gift idea lists. Such an adorable glimpse into the minds and hearts of my loved ones.

To be fair we will start with some highlights from mine:

Sweaters (I threw out most of my clothes in this move) large. I don’t care what they look like
Mittens! Black and cozy.
A scratching post for the boys
A metal real tea pot. Like the kind that boils water and whistles and all that. You know, for tea.
A curling iron or rollers. Big size. Probably rollers because I'm lazy.
Good shampoo and conditioner (don't tell anyone but my scalp itches)
Jammies (not too hot...i mean as in temp not sexiness)

My sister Kendra lives alone and has very simple, yet specific wants:
a pretty wine glass
keurig coffee or cider or other hot drinks...I have the machine but need fun drink choices
a winter themed wreath for outside but not Christmas related

My oldest sister, Jacy, might be the funniest one in our family but she is so subtle with her jokes that she is terribly underrated.

Haunted Wisconsin-paperback.
• A colorful big umbrella,
• yankee car scent hanging thing,
• nail polish-light color.
• Any kind of cool book bag for my work stuff and lunch etc...
• Any earrings silver or gold color.
• Anything x-mas-love ornaments, knick knacks, paddy wacks, bones.

My mom does both her list and my dad's. Here is her's which is just about as adorable as it gets.

CT, I need a new calendar-something literary or really neat-you know. I always love writing pens, fine point black. I would love some soft socks for night time , fingernail polish (not pink) literary t-shirt, x-large, some neat small tea-light holders. little sentimental things I could hang in my study window, white, black , brown, creme tip towels for our bathrooms, a x7 mag. make-up mirror on a plain stand, no lights, no frills, just good magnification and will move whatever way you need. Oh, the tip towels could be combinations of red, white and black for my bathroom and combo of brown and creme or light blue for Calvin's. I love British stuff and a new hair brush. Plus, I would like a new recliner for Calvin, the house painted upstairs and down, a new light over my kitchen sink. I would also like a new refrigerator, washer and dryer, landscaping in the front yard, house cleaner, record player.....gasp. I can't go on. Love, Momma

I had no idea my mom wanted a record player. I plan to get her a British hairbrush.

Here is HER list for my dad:

He loves shower gel, that shaving creme you got him, work gloves, p.j.'s large or ex. depending on the brand. Use your judgement. Handkerchiefs, socks- hot dogs or single color but not athletic. I hope that helps.

It helps a great deal mom, thanks. It should be noted that the term "hot dogs" means fancy in my family. People can be hot dogs, socks, houses...anything fancy. Even hot dogs could technically be hot dogs if they had caviar on them maybe.

Sweet little Jason just wants a new record needle. God bless us, everyone.