Friday, February 29, 2008


Jady all but ORDERED me to post today so I can't let her down. Some randomness.

Lost - Best episode ever last night. I had nightmares all night which is the TRUE sign of a great ep.

My new sweater - We almost could have been magic together until I noticed those weird professor elbow patches AFTER I bought you. Now we are icy at best.

My feet - I need some serious tennis shoe time this weekend. My dogs are barking. Painfully barking.

Friday - This is how we do it. All hands are in the aye-ah. It's the freakin weekend ladies and germs. I plan to eat, drink and be awesome.

Jason - Okay. This weird sleep talking/laughing thing has got to stop. It's freaking me out because I can't tell if he's awake or asleep. Usually he's sound asleep. The other night he said "Crescent. You're the village frown." I am not.

Last weekend - My sisters came to town and brought some Stephen King-ian type influenza that struck Kendra down mid-night. We got to my apartment and she kept asking for blankets and Tylenol. So they had to leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday to get her on the bed rest she needed. She's fine now. I have managed to NOT have it yet but every time my throat tingles the leeeetlist bit I freak. With all the vitamins I'm on I think I have a chance. Stay tuned.

OH and I went to the Shedd for the first time because Kendra (middle sister) is a marine life NUT. The best part was the sting ray that looked like he was smiling with his million tiny teeth and closed eyes. I could recall that memory in the middle of a root canal and it would STILL crack me up.

Scariest part of the Shedd????


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Last night I went to La Sardine (loosly translates to "The Sardine") with Jason and some friends of ours. I had snails. I can't spell it in Fronch. They were very magical and I wish I had them again right now.

Jason had blood sausage (loosly translates to "Barf Barf Puke Barf"). I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of that although Jason swears it was really really good. Hey I ate slugs...who am I to judge?

We drank this delicious wine.

And I had sorbet. Can you guess the flavors? Answers are at the end! Don't cheat or you will have bad luck for a thousand days.

Ahhhhhhh LA SARDINE you enchant and amaze moi. Merci Bonapart for a Fronch night.

SORBET QUIZ ANSWERS: Banana, rasberry (i think) and I forget the other one....I wanna say mango....but I kind of always want to say mango.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Insults and Injuries

I fell down some stairs again. My morning started pretty great besides having nightmares about that horrible school shooting. So disturbing and depressing and horrible. But I woke up counting my blessings and feeling positive about my day. Calaban didn’t drop a football size-nose hair burning deuce while I was watching the 6:00 am news FOR ONCE, I actually did my hair, my clothes were ALL fresh out of the dryer, my face was looking slightly less fatty fat fat after my attempts at good eating and it was Friday after all.

I headed to the train and on the way LITERALLY helped an old lady with a walker get across some dangerous ice patches causing me to miss my train but to feel like I was starting my day off right. Then things started to turn sour. The train took forever to arrive and was packed. I was standing next to some dewd with NO sense of personal space. (I realize it was packed but come on…do we have to spoon?) Finally arrived at the Adams stop and start trotting down the stairs in a rush and that’s when it happened. My boot heel got caught in my jean cuff and I sort of slammed into the railing with my arm and just kinda hung there like someone had freeze tagged me. I thought I might be able to recover but my forward trajectory or whatever that word is was too far forward. I made the slightest move and down down down I went. All the way to the bottom. Those of you long time Crescent fans will recall this is the THIRD time I’ve fallen all the way down the train stop stairs and the FIFTH time I’ve fallen all the way down a flight of stairs period.

No one helped THIS little old lady either. Everyone just got out of my way and I could be wrong, but I really think I heard a few snickers. Bastards.

Then I got to work and instantly F’d up like three things because I was so shaken.

Good times….great oldies.

What, pray tell, is the stupid Brighter Side of falling down the stupid stairs? Um….well…let’s see. It hurts to type and do things because my right arm is all tenderized? No no…..that’s not bright. Um… new clean jeans are all scuffed up? Nope nope nope…that’s not very positive. OH! I’ve got it. Somewhere out there in Chicagoland Matthew K. is laughing it up like a champ and marking his Captain Gravity log with one more tick mark.