Monday, June 08, 2015

What of a much of a witch of a wind.

I'm off today and watching a storm roll in.  It's so crazy to me how it changes.  The wind whips up, the sky turns an impossible grey and boom!  Weatha's comin'.  (Said in a bad east coast accent ala a Kennedy).
I have always been terrified of storms.  I also have always loved them.  That feeling you get in your belly pit that says "hunker down!".  I like how everything stops and snuggles up.  Windows need to be closed.  Pets comforted.  A radio turned on for alerts.  
I could probably start a whole new blog just based on all my favorite storm stories.  Although they are never really about the storms.  They are about who you are hunkered down with.

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Anonymous said...

And, of course, the word "hunker", which, according, Steve Brule, means "someone who is hunker than you".